Music is timeless — bands on the other hand are a fragile collaboration of human beings sacrificed to the random choices of life. Fate can indeed be cruel; bands that should have never made it have become main-stream, even though they deserved nothing more than a demo CD forgotten in a box on the back of a shelf-of-memories in their closet. So much depends upon breaks and luck, and sometimes talent isn’t the only priority.

Because of those acts of fate, we thankfully haven’t missed as many of the other professions; doctors, mechanics, teachers, etc that just happen to play an instrument. But, what music have we missed in this never ending culling of the artistic herd? A lot actually. Some bands were gone before I heard them, and others just as I was ready to report on them.

In the last few years if you were looking for music comparable to the vision of Blankey Jet City – I’d  have recommended Nipple6,  a once high energy garage punk and party rock trio from Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. If you wanted something in the  vein of Dry & Heavy; Magical Chameleon Rockers’ former soulful classic rock, with a reggae heart and pop appeal would of fulfilled that request. With life choices working against me, is it any wonder I recommend bands that seem (though in reality could be together for 10 years or more) to be so new, they literally haven’t released anything not even demos yet.

It is why I strive to listen to everything I can, because somewhere a band is playing, writing and creating amazing sounds and I want to hear them. I want to spread the word about them, but more importantly I want them to know someone is listening.

One of my favorite bands and a friend’s vision was Darlin’onStage. In the coarse of 4 years (2006-2010) this rock trio took punk rhythms, driven guitar riffs and lyrical hooks, crafting rock melodies with a funky beat. Their last live show was in August 2010, and soon after Darlin’onStage were no more. With 2 demos, and one single to their credit Darlin’onStage music lives on and I take heart in the fact that it does. What does make me sad is you may never of heard them. Let me remedy that and the reason for this post; The recommendation of Darlin’onStage. I invite you to listen to vocalist and guitarist Shuji Yomogida, bass and keyboardist Tomomitsu Soga, with drummer Masahiro Enomoto — known collectively as Darlin’onStage.