I’ve spent 10 years telling people what to listen too. Different countries. Different genres.

My particular music of choice has always been punk, but the genre became stale when the sound became universal and no longer the true spirit of the music.

Historical fact: Punk was a choice where bands took their musical queue from the popular music of the past and their stage persona from the idols that came before. Where any genre could be channeled through punk and where it took the industries commercially-invented label  “new wave” to kill what I loved about it.

That punk was its own sub-genre, where every music style and era was fair game — To think it was reduced to the universal four drum beats per measure pisses me off. No wonder I looked someplace else for it, that diversity.

The best Japanese punk bands are like that, punk (sometimes in name only) that can kick any genres ass and know they are punk deep in their heart. Punk in the purest form, following their own musical vision and defining their own persona to fans. Knowing punk is not defined by any sound, but by the attitude of the musician.

I look forward everyday to listening to something old and new, any language or country, and  punk as fuck. And even in that – There is always a place for four drum beats per measure.