One of the oldest websites on the internet catering to Japanese music fans is closing down. Paul Wheeler, webmaster and writer of Rock of Japan posted this on February 6, 2010.

Rock of Japan AdI’m planning on closing down Rock of Japan in May.
Rock of Japan has been going for over ten years now. I’ve enjoyed it. I’m now seriously considering shutting down Rock of Japan. When I began Rock of Japan there were almost no sites in English about Japanese rock music. Now there are many. I may miss sharing my opinions with you, but I’m beginning to feel that my job is done. Want to show your appreciation? Take a Rock of Japan T-shirt off my hands. I’ve reduced the price of the Rock of Japan T-shirt in a kind of going out of business sale. Think of it as a souvenir. If you see me at the shows, say, “Hi!” maybe we can avoid the postage. I plan to continue operating Rock of Japan in the same way as I have been until I shut it down. At the moment I’m planning on pulling the plug in the summer of 2010. I hope you’ll keep enjoying it until then, and hope that you’ll continue supporting Japanese rock music. I know I will! Thanks for your support! Fred & Ted are gonna miss ya!
Paul Wheeler

If, you haven’t walked through the back pages of Rock of Japan, you should. You will find a wealth of information; Biographies, interviews, discographies, live and cd reviews. It is an archive of every current, or former band that has ever toured the USA.

Not limited to and including: The 5,6,7,8’s; Thee 50’s Highteens; 54 Nude Honeys; Afrirampo; The Amppez; Asakusa Jinta; Blankey Jet City; Blow One’s Cool; Boom Boom Satellites; Bo-Peep; The Brilliant Green; The Captains; China Chop; Crawl; Dirtrucks; Ellegarden; The Emeralds; The Ends; Esrevnoc; Firestarter; Flamenco A Go Go; Gasoline; Gito Gito Hustler; Go Bangs; Grapevine; Green Milk From The Planet Orange; Guinny Vamps; Gyogun Rend’s; Hal From Apollo ‘69; Havana Exotica; Hige; Hoover’s Ooover; Hydro-Guru; Invisibleman’s Deathbed; Jet Boys; Jitterin’ Jinn; Judy And Mary; Kegawa No Maries; Lin Clover; Ling Toshite Shigure; Lolita No. 18; Love Pigs; Love Psychedelico; Luminous Orange; Macarthur a Contti; Mad Moisell; Mean Machine; Thee Michelle Gun Elephant; Milk Crown; Missile Girl Scoot; Molice; Mong Hang; Mono; Mummy The Peepshow; Akina Nakamori; Papaya Paranoia; Polysics; The Portugal Japan; Prambath; The Predators; Puffy (aka Puffy AmiYumi); Rocket Jack Vaders; The Rodeo Carburettor; Ron Ron Clou; Sentimental Bus; Shakalabbits; Six O’Minus; Spandecks; Spoozys; Stone Deaf; Supercar; Supersnazz; Susan; Tama; Teeny Frahoop; Jun Togawa; Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re; Up-Tight; Who The Bitch; Yen Town Band; and Zoobombs… etc.

Paul Wheeler is a visionary who found time to educate the rest of us when there was but a handful of Japanese music sites that catered to an English speaking audience. One of the first sites I found not made by rabid-visual-kei-fangirls exalting a style that died with big-hair bands, but by someone that really knew what he was talking about because he had seen and heard the artist play.

Thank you Paul, for all your hard work. Good luck in all your future projects. Rock of Japan! ROCKS!

And to the rest of you… buy a Rock of Japan t-shirt.