music is the universal language Thank you to everyone that has ever read these pages, offered suggestions, written for Anusaya, discussed a new band, supported the site, or shared their music with me. All was appreciated.

I want to walk into a concert and not think about the set list.

Music is life. An adventure. A discovery of artistic visions and soundscapes, new languages and old favorites. It is my life. But when your focus becomes reporting – listening, really listening becomes secondary.

I want to explore every nuance of an old find’s discography.

Anusaya - passionate about music

Readership has never really been a factor, but even that has dwindled with my waning focus on the site. Reinvented numerous times, this has been a long time coming.  And though it has taken a year to come to this conclusion, this music blog, this Anusaya (obsession) has run its course.

I want to listen to a new album till it becomes an old friend in rotation.

Thanks to for giving me a place to express my elitist tendencies. Simon, who made late night slsk sessions a must. Elena and Tatayana who took a tired ghost and revitalized this site years ago. Finally to Paul Wheeler, who’s Rock of Japan inspired me to step up and report, along with Anusaya both shall be archived side by side on this server till you remove it.

Life is sweet, and it’s better with your own hand picked soundtrack. Be bold, be adventurous, and support all musicians. Go indie – You’ll never go back.

I just want to make love to my music library again.