CaracalStarting out in mid 2005, Caracal is climbing up on the musical summit step by step. Perhaps not so fast, but with confidence. They already was with tour in China, had big performance in Canada. And who knows, maybe they will go with concerts and in your city soon. And then you’ll have a chance to hear their emotional and remarkable music.

Please, introduce yourselves to our readers.

Gab(guitars/vocal), field(guitars/vocal), KC(vocal), Martin(drums), Steve(bass/vocals).

Tell us how Caracal was formed. How did you meet each other? Who is the leader of the band?

We were all friends from school and friends of friends. It just so happened that we were all playing in separate bands at that point of time and felt we wanted to play other kinds of music. So we decided to join up and that’s how we formed. The leader of the band is Martin James Kong.

What’s meaning of you name? And why did you choose this one?

Caracal is actually the name of an African wildcat. Its really ferocious and cute at the same time. We were flipping through an encyclopedia and our friend saw it and suggested it to us.

Which music do you prefer? And which music influenced Caracal sound?

Emery, thrice, envy on the coast, The receiving ends of Sirens

You’re from Singapore. Can you tell a little about local scene and bands? Please name some interesting bands in your opinion. Which general genres can you name there?

The local music scene is extremely diverse in Singapore with bands across different genres supporting each other. A few bands who we like and are close to are Amterible, West Grad Boulevard, B-quartet

Have you ever shared scene with any foreign bands?

Yes we have. With the fortune to have that happen more than once.

This year Caracal went to Canada. How did you manage to do this? I suppose it was really difficult for you.

We invested our money in bidding for a slot in the Canadian Music Festival 2011 and we were lucky enough for it to pay off. The hard part was getting the funds to fly our gear and ourselves over there. We even organized a fundraiser and applied for grants from our local arts and media organizations. We were really fortunate to have had back up and support from these people. We are quite used to working in difficult situations as a band so we came prepared.

CaracalTell about your impressions about Canada. Please share with us.

It was an eye opener. We had all watched dozens of youtube videos of our favourite bands playing at venues in Toronto and to finally have the chance to share the stage was definitely a highlight. Playing to a whole new crowd who had no idea who we were or what our music was like was definitely daunting but we took it in our stride. We stuck to our guns as a band and knew we had one chance to show the people what our sound was, so we made sure not to waste it and played our asses off.

And also you were in China some time ago. What are differences between these two experiences?

Mainly the language barrier & music differences. China’s music scene is still developing (in comparison to US or UK) and English language songs are still quite foreign to them. It is growing steadily though. So us going over there and playing our style of music and singing in English was quite a visual and aural shock for them. Canada was easier getting our messages across and describing our songs and lyrical meaning to the audience.

Do you have any plans to visit other countries again? And where else would you like to go?

We have tentative plans to head back to China to play for MIDI festival again. We are also hoping to tour Japan soon… Other than that maybe somewhere closer to our region such as Philippines or Malaysia.

Tell some words about your music, please. Which thesis put in it? Where do you find inspiration? Who writes music and lyrics?

Inspiration comes from everyday lives and the problems we face. Struggling through life trying to make a living, yet wanting to pursue our passion with music. Most of it happens to do with friendships/relationships. Music is usually written by the band and lyrics by KC, Field and Martin.

What song can you recommend for our readers who have never heard your music?

Wolves, The Strain, All for the walls.

Your latest release is available for free download. Why did you make such decision? And where people can buy physical CD?

Unfortunately, we’ve sorta ran out of the physical copy of the album, as for why we choose to make the album up for free DL is because we feel with this album it is also very important that people actually get to hear the content.

What are your plans for the nearest future?

Right now, we are writing new material for hopes of another album. Apart from that, we’re hopping to do more shows around the region and beyond.

Did you think to make video for your songs? And which song would you choose?

We’re thinking between Wolves, Bruce Banner Made a Big Mess and Charlatan. Help us choose please? Thanks!

Do you have any hobbies and occupations accept music and band? What do you like to do in your free time?

We are all doing different things outside of Caracal, Field is a professional carpenter, KC is currently doing his National Service, Martin is a drum teacher Gab is a tattoo apprentice and is going to enlist into National Service soon and Steve works in a theatre as a theatre electrician.

Who made designs for your album covers? And what is the meaning of artwork of your latest album “Bear. Shark. Wolf”? Why did you choose these animals?

Gab and his girlfriend Hana were responsible for the album artwork. The picture reflect the album title.

Would you like to try yourselves in any other genres in music and arts in common?

Genre isn’t something we think about. We just play whatever we want to play and don’t make a conscious effort about trying to sound different or unique.

Remember your best and worse live performance.

Ignite 2010 and Baybeats 2011 were the best live performances. Worse? We played an acoustic show to 3 people once. It was kinda sad but we still greatly appreciated the “crowd!”

Funny moments in your band life.

Every time we meet up for practice, shows, to hang out or play LAN games. Once you put Gab & KC together. Funny moments are bound to happen.

CaracalCan you imagine Caracal in the future? After 10 years for example. What would you like to reach as a band by that time?

We hope that we haven’t given up fighting the good fight. Hopefully in another country touring and making crazy music.

How do you think what interferes with success Asian bands on the world music scene? Only some bands reached success in the world. But Asian countries have a lot good musicians and bands.

Asian bands don’t have the same support that American and European bands have as most people in Asia are brought up with different cultures and backgrounds where I don’t think the majority of them listen/enjoy alternative rock music.

And some words for our readers, please.

Love is enough to make the world go round.

We would like to thank Caracal for this interview.  Please, check them out in the web!

Bandcamp (here you can download their latest album for free!)

All For The Walls by Caracal