ikd-sj is one of the most eccentric bands on Japanese music scene. Their creativity cannot be described by any known genres of modern music. And actually seems you can use only description – H.A.G. or Heavy Ambient Grunge (exactly so, the band name genre of their music by self). Music of the band get a mixed reception, but nobody can be indifferent.
At the recent time band recorded three full-length albums, and each of it was self-released. And each of it differs from others, but you always can recognize ikd-sj. Their latest album “A Copygod”, that was released in July of this year, provoked so many discussions among their fans immediately.  They differ from many others in their unusual sound, their original lyrics and their bright and unique image. But band’s biography have so many blanks and riddles. Therefore I was very glad when vocalist Akira Ouugiiishi consented to answer some questions about band and about their music.

Please introduce yourself and what your role in the band?

Bands name : ikd-sj
My name is Ouugiiishi Akira (扇石聡),
as a deligate of  “ikd-sj brigade”,
also as a vocalist of the band.

I’ve found not so many information about you, even date of your origin in different sources are changed, some of it named 2003, other – 2004. Could you solve the mystery of the origin of band? And how did you meet each other?

All I remembered is that a man who made this band and named it ‘ikd-sj’, is now not  here at all.
He left the band in 2005 (perhaps in winter), and no one knows where he is now, even if  he is alive or not.
That’s why I can not answer this question any more, and that’s why I’m also the one who wants to know about it.
It just seems like that the whole memories had left from us when he did, even though I know this world is just a dream.

When and how did you first get into music and decide that it was what you wanted to do? What was your first instrument?

There was an accoustic guitar in my house, nothing way for me to know whose it was,  though. But I didn’t care.
And I became a great guitarist soon, as all you know.
But now I forgot how to play a guitar at all, what a pity.

Do you have any other occupations except music? And if you are not playing in the band what are we doing then? And whom did you want to be in your childhood?

I want to be toilet paper.

In the end of July you released your new third full album  ‘A Copygod’. And shared it for free download. Why did you take that decision? And though now we can find your songs on iTunes and in pre-order on some on-line stores.

We don’t have enough money to make physical CDs, that’s why it  had to be free download.
Frankly speaking, I’m afraid that our second album CD  have sold less than forty  for now.
Anyway, about iTunes, we got wrong idea that we thought it would be for free  also on iTunes, what an idiot I am! haha

CAUTION : Don’t buy it on iTunes, You can download it from our site for FREE!

What conceals under name ‘A Copygod’?

I am certain someday you will make it out, too.

What song from new album could you recommend for those, who didn’t listen to your music yet and why?

OK, I go ask other members about it , wait a minute.

Your previous album you described as movie. How about ‘A Copygod’?  What genres of movies could you define it?

SF Psyco Suspense Violence Action Movie.
Spoiler warning : Actually toward the end of the movie, a copygod fighted against a clairvoyant, it was an amazing scene.

You released song for soundtrack of game. But would you want to make soundtrack for movie? And if named movies those already exist then what do you choose?

Of course, if an opportunity offers, we want to try.
But I think our sounds are more imaginative than images, so it might be difficult to integrate them.
soundtracks are not music, because they are ruled by images.
true music is not ruled by anything else, but only ruled by itself completely.
um… I like to listen films’ soundtracks though.

You have a lot videos. And all was made in similar style. But your latest video “One Seater” is different a little. Can you tell about its shooting something. And how can you shooted so empty Tokyo’s street? It seems unbelievable.

You have a sixth sense or clairvoyance, don’t you.
You’re right. “One Seater” is made by a stuff outside of the band for the first time, he is my friend though.
Tokyo metropolitan city hall and other skyscrapers around West Shinjuku,
but it was a “closed space” where we were in, then.
That’s why the street seems empty.

What do you think about recent rock/metal scene in Japan? Can you named bands that stands out against a background of others? Except ikd-sj certainly.

I HATE J-ROCK, that’s all.

Most of your songs are written in English. Are you oriented towards overseas listeners more? And what do you think where your music is finding more response, in Japan or overseas countries?

So sorry, I can’t read or write English at all.

Do you have any plans to visit other countries in future? And where would you want to go at first?

Of course, when we will get enough popularity in overseas, we will go tour, we want to go everywhere.
Realistically it will take so long time to make it true,
but definitely we do, however long it takes.

Do you remember your first live performance? When was it and where? What was your impressions?

I do not want to remember.

Have you ever thought to release your live performances on DVD?

Oh, you really have a sixth sense or clairvoyance, now I’m certain.

Because that is just what I think.
What do you think about it?
Do you think it goes well?

What do you plan to do in near future?

We plan to have our live show for the first time of a year and a half.

Well I have a friend who’s your huge fan. And I want to give you his question if you have no objection. He’s interested why Akira use so impessive gesticulation and facial expression in videos and at live shows?

OK, I go ask him about it , wait a minute.

Do you want to say something for your fans?

Much gratitude.

next live

2010.11.30 @[golstic Redstone PRESENTS]BAJARA vol.1, Snijuku ANTIKNOCK, Tokyo.


Huge thanks to Akira Ouugiiishi who made this interview is possible.

Pictures was taken from official ikd-sj web-albums.

Also you can donate to the band for keeping their activities. Information about it you can see on their official page.

And another song from ikd-sj new album