jointpopFormed in 1996, Jointpop are not what most people would expect from the island of Trinidad and Tobago. Breaking the Calypso, Reggae and Soca mold, they combine influences from late 70’s London with their own brand of infectious optimism. Jointpop are Gary Hector (vocals, guitars), Damon Homer (guitars), Dion Camacho (drums), Jerome Girdharrie (bass) and Phil Hill (keyboard, synth).

Jointpop signed an International Record deal with Antstreet Records of Germany, in December 2009. The deal includes physical distribution across Europe as well as digital downloads worldwide. I recently talked with Jointpop front man Gary Hector, about the band’s newest album The Longest Kiss Goodnight and the European tour to promote the album being planned for early 2011.

Please introduce yourself. Who are Jointpop – What instruments and brands of instruments do they play?
Gary Hector: Jointpop the rock n roll band of Trinidad and Tobago (The Caribbean) – Includes Gary Hector singer and guitar player ( Fender Tele, Gibson 335 and Marshall amp), Damon Homer Guitarist (Fender Stratocaster and Orange Amp), Jerome Girdharrie Bassist (Fender Precision and Warwick and Ampeg Amp), Dion Camacho drummer (Tama), and Phil Hill keyboardist (Yamaha).

What is the musical background of the members of Jointpop?
Gary: Self taught and have played in various bands in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T).

Remembering back to your first time in front of a live audience, what comes to mind?
Gary: That cool feeling — this is where I belong.

In your own words, describe Jointpop music style?
Gary: We are just a rock n roll band. Story tellers really; 60’s British Invasion, 70’s songwriters, 70’s punk rock all mixed with modern indie stuff. Plus, being from T&T we got all the local undertones.

Tell me a little bit about the songwriting process — what inspires you to write music?
Gary: Mostly travel and living and being in a rock n roll band in T&T. Sometimes it’s just a phrase or some silly line.

How does the writing and recording of the album The Longest Kiss Goodnight compare to your earlier projects?
Gary: We are always looking for ways to push ourselves forward. We just got together at the Drummers’ house and fleshed out song ideas until we got the album, and for this one we used Gisli Kristjannson (UK) to produce it.

What are fans going to hear?jointpop
Gary: Just an honest document from an honest rock n roll band.

What has been your biggest triumph as Jointpop? Greatest challenge?
Gary: Greatest triumph? Just staying together as a band in this non rock n roll landscape of T&T. Greatest challenge? Paying for the album. (laughs out-loud)

Let’s hear a little about your tastes not related to music ― Could you name some of your favorite books or movies?
Gary: Books just read; “ Babylon’s Burning, Clinton Heylin – excellent punk document and also the bio of Johnny Rotten. Brilliant! Movies? Well, just comedy stuff really – can’t watch cars in flames and guns (laughs again)

What is your favorite Jointpop song to perform live? Why?
Gary: Just for the energy: ”Please don’t tell my In-laws ( I’M an outlaw).”

This is your chance to promote your CDs, bands, tours, websites & gear? What should we be looking for from Jointpop in the coming months?
Gary: Working on a UK/European tour for early 2011, to promote the album The Longest Kiss Goodnight, and the previous album The January Transfer Window available on CD Baby and ITunes. And keep in touch on Myspace and facebook.

Is there anything you’d like to say to Jointpop fans all over the world?
Gary: Of course!! Thanks for the support and just rock n roll!

I would like to thank Gary Hector and Jointpop for their participation in this interview.
~Denise Smith (interview 2010.10.15)