Oliver Nikolas SchmidLacrimas Profundere is a gothic metal band from Germany. Their name means “to shed tears” in Latin. Originally a death doom rooted gothic metal band, Lacrimas Profundere have progressively evolved their style to catchy and heavy Gothic Rock, complete with dark and dirty melody lines.

The sextet was formed in 1993 by Oliver Nikolas Schmid. His vision encompassed fresh ideas, rock-oriented songs that found their niche between melancholy, hope, anger, and aggression. I talked with Lacrimas Profundere founder Oliver Nikolas about the new album The Grandiose Nowhere, due out April 30th, 2010, and what fans are going to hear.

Please introduce yourself. What instruments and brands of instruments do you play?
Oliver Nikolas Schmid (songwriter, Lead guitars) I have an endorsement Deal with ESP Guitars, Line6 Amps and SIT Stings and I love it!

The new album THE GRANDIOSE NOWHERE is being released on April 30th, what are fans going to hear?
Oliver Nikolas: Take 4 crazy guys, a bottle of jack and meet them on Skid row show 15 years ago with Pantera, Him and Sentenced as support acts and start a band next day. I think that’s what we did. Kind of…We love playing music and we are still enthusiastic fans of good bands. We try to combine our influences with things we discover everyday, good and bad. A song can be very melancholic and slow but also heavy as hell.

Who or what inspired you to pick up your first instrument and how old were you?
Oliver Nikolas: Oh, as I was a kid my parents drag me to guitar lessons. But all I have to learn was something like Christmas or nursery rhymes, so it was not the best chapter in my musical life, I was about 14 years old! Some years later I found the E-guitar and songbooks of bands like Overkill or Slayer and decided to practice again, OK, in a bit other musical direction my parents thought. Laughs!

Remembering back to your first time in front of a live audience as Lacrimas Profundere, what comes to mind?
Oliver Nikolas: What the fuck I’m doing here!!! LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE

What has been Lacrimas Profundere’s biggest triumph as a band? Greatest challenge?
Oliver Nikolas: Our last two albums entered the Charts here in Germany! I still can’t believe this, and of course our headliner tour in Mexico 2003, and Europe 2008!!!

Who, or what non-musical influences have shaped you and your music? And continue to do so?
Oliver Nikolas: Movies, architecture and our addiction to this feeling to perform in front of people that scream your lyrics!!!

What is your favorite Lacrimas Profundere song to perform live? Why?
Oliver Nikolas: ”My mescaline!” I can’t explain, but the lights are down, only a bit violet light the stage! The audience is quiet and you play this “goose-flash-riff!” Yeah, it’s a nice feeling!

Make up your own question and answer it here. Something you feel the fans will want to know that I did not ask you?
Oliver Nikolas: How many Burgers can you eat? Answer: two!

If the whole world were listening, what would you play? And why?
Oliver Nikolas: Our new Song “THE LETTER.” Why? Because it’s the best song I ever did.

What would you like to say to world fans?
Oliver Nikolas: Nothing, we’re not clergymen, were musicians! Music doesn’t need words! A simple melody could strike you deeper then thousand words!

This is your chance to promote your CDs, bands, tours, websites & gear?
Oliver Nikolas: Thank you very much for supporting us. Stay dark and check out THE GRANDIOSE NOWHERE at the end of April 2010 at your dealer next door! Find more information and Song snippets at: www.myspace.com/lacrimasprofundere

I would like to thank Lacrimas Profundere, Ben Aichelburg and especially Oliver Nikolas Schmid for their participation in this interview.
~Denise Smith (interview 2011.03.15)