Living ColourGround breaking rock, funk, metal, virtuoso band Living Colour returns to Japan for the first time in 17 years. Living Colour, winner of 2 Grammy awards, an MTV Music Video Award and countless accolades as one of the most influential bands of the last 25 years will play 8 shows in Japan from May 21 to 29, 2010.

Living Colour features the searing guitar work of Rolling Stone’s 66th greatest guitarist of all time, Vernon Reid, as well as the soulful, rock vocalist Corey Glover, earth shattering drummer William Calhoun and legendary bassist Doug Wimbish. The band is thrilled to finally be able to return to Japan after a long absence.

Living Colour’s new album, The Chair In The Doorway (Megaforce/P-Vine) is receiving unanimous praise from fans and critics alike, including 4-stars in Rolling Stone, and hailed as “an album that rivals the NYC quartet’s seminal early work two decades ago” by the Associated Press.

I talked to Will Calhoun, drummer for Living Colour about the band’s newest album and The Chair In The Doorway Japan 2010 Tour which kicks off May 22nd in Fukuoka, Japan.

Please introduce yourself. What instruments and brands of instruments do you play?
Will Calhoun is my name. Instrument-Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, and Programmer: Brands- Mapex Saturn Series Drums, Sabian “Calhoun” Series cymbals, Vic Firth “Calhoun” Series drum sticks, Sleishman kick pedals, Remo drum heads, Korg, DDrum and Roland Electronics, Audix microphones, Korg Keyboards.

The Chair In The Doorway Japan 2010 Tour launches in May. It’s been 17 years since Living Colour toured Japan, tell me about the dates and what are fans going to see and hear?
Will Calhoun: We are looking forward to this tour. We are playing in a few Cities we have never played, which is exciting for the band. The fans are going to see, hear, and experience Living Colour at it’s best. Great musicianship, one of the best Male Singers in the World, a brilliant combination of Hard Rock, Funk, Soul, Electronic/Ambient, Ju-Ju Punk, Jam-band Jazz Music. We will perform all the hits from our earlier recordings as well as our new material and a few surprising cover songs. It will be a unique experience especially arranged for the Japanese audience.

What do you remember the most about Living Colour’s first tour to Japan?
Will Calhoun: The respect and love from the Fans.

What does this tour mean to you?
Will Calhoun: It’s a great opportunity to re-introduce ourselves to Japan. We are much better musicians now, and we have an amazing catalogue of songs to choose from…….17 years is a long time, so we are looking forward to seeing the old fans and meeting many new fans.

Who or what inspired you to pick up your first instrument and how old were you?
Will Calhoun: MY first instrument was piano. My Mother arranged for season tkt’s to the opera in NYC…this was my first exposure to live music, before clubs, parties and church. I was 7 years old. I grew up in the Bronx,NY around brilliant musicians, my inspiration came from my older Brother-Charles Calhoun-great drummer, Steve Jordan-who lived very close to my home, the origins of Hip-hop, and my all time favorite drummer Elvin Jones. I also have to give credit to NYC. It was a great place for my early development. There were so many, Jazz, Punk, Rock, Latin, Funk, and Reggae clubs, I was able to experience plenty of great and challenging music. Radio was also amazing during this time. I began to play drums seriously at age 16.

Remembering back to your first time in front of a live audience, what comes to mind?Living Colour
Will Calhoun: Fun!

What has been your biggest triumph as Living Colour? Greatest challenge?
Will Calhoun: Biggest Triumph-keeping the band together, focused, and artistically honest.

Greatest Challenge-Maintaining our goals in a difficult, sometime racist/ignorant climate.

If the whole world were listening, what would you play?
Will Calhoun: My Ancient Chinese Hu-Su-Li flute

And why?

It sounds for the soul, humanity, and healing.

As your music as evolved, what do you think has been the most significant change and do you consider it a positive or a negative?
Will Calhoun: The most significant change- we are more mature and better musicians than we were when we started out. The maturity has allowed us to get out of the way of the music, and let it play. This is very positive.

Make up your own question and answer it here. Something you feel the fans will want to know that I did not ask you?
Will Calhoun: Will Living Colour be selling the new Chair in the Doorway CD, along with T-shirts, and other live CD’s and DVD’s at all the Japanese shows?


Will the full band come out to the T-shirt table to sign autographs, take photo’s and meet and greet the fans?

This is your chance to promote your CDs, bands, tours, websites & gear?

Will Calhoun : Also check Vernon Reid, Corey Glover, and Doug Wimbish’s personal websites for more information…all information is posted on our personal sites, as well as the Living Colour web site.

I would like to thank Living Colour, Megaforce Records, and especially Will Calhoun for their participation in this interview.
~Denise Smith (interview 2010.05.15)