Lutris is a instrumental solo-project from Japan. Mixing different genres Lutris makes his music very catchy and it’s hard not to fall into the sounds. The project had several net-releases available on his official Bandcamp. Finally this year the first “physical” release Indistinct Reveries is out on 7th of December.

Please introduce yourself and tell our readers a little about your project.
Hello, Lutris is a musical project by Kazunobu Asada from Japan, since 2009.

When did you start to make music?
I started to make music at age 15, three years ago.

What music influenced you? What genres/bands do you like?
When I started with this project, the music was influenced by many Post-rock and Shoegaze bands. For example, Sigur Ros, LITE, 65daysofstatic, And So I Watch You From Afar, The Album Leaf, and many more.
Since autumn of last year, I was influenced by electronica music. Mainly Syntaks, Aphex Twin, and Epic45.

It’s quite difficult to make instrumental music popular. Have you ever thought about adding vocal and some lyrics to your music?
I had not thought about such in advancing this project. I don’t know whether I will do so after this.

What does the word “Lutris” mean? Where did this name came from?
The word “Lutris” comes from the scientific name of the sea otter.
Doesn’t mean much.

Do you think is it hard for Japanese musicians to become well-known overseas?
I don’t think it is difficult, because even here lots of wonderful music comes from foreign countries.

What are your hobbies apart from music?
Though not enough to be a hobby, I like reading novels.

If you had a chance to choose the place you would live, what place it would be and why?
I don’t think about this.

It’s a hard question, but which of your songs is your favorite?
My first full album will be released in December, it contains the track “Delusional Vault.” Among my own work, this track is the most favorite of mine.

Nowadays musicians have many opportunities to promote themselves through the internet. Do you think is has become easier to find listeners using the Internet? What sources do you use and why?
I think, due to the spread of the Internet, listeners thereby became able to find the music more easily than before. If we make a better thing, I believe surely they going to react to it.

Tell us about your album “Indistinct Reveries” and about the label releasing it.
The album contains a lot of things I learned in the last two years.
First, I was very surprised when I received contact from a label. It is honor. I hope this album will reach various people.

I would like to thank Kazunobu Asada for the interview.