ThornwillIn 2004, two friends driven by the love of metal music, Márton Szabó and Krisztián Ágoston founded Thornwill. The goal of the founding members was to create really hard, powerful, melodic metal music that touched people easily. Joined later, by bassist Tamás Paróczi, drummer András Balázs and vocalist Álmos Gábor, Thornwill was complete.

Thornwill has achieved what they set out to do — The new album Implosion has taken two years to create and is a beautifullly crafted melody driven metal listen. One song off the album has been selected by Hammerworld Magazine to be included on the compilation Let The Hammer Fall Volume 86 due out this May. I talked to Thornwill recently about the band’s new album and wish to tour Japan.

Please introduce yourself. What instruments and brands of instruments do you play?
Thornwill: We’re a modern heavy metal band with a standard lineup. We have two guitar players; Marton Szabo uses a Peavey and Krisztian Agoston has an Ibanez. Our bass player, Tamas Paroczi uses a 5-string Ibanez and a 6-string Yamaha and he’s building his own fretless bass, it’s almost ready. Our drummer, Andras Balazs is the youngest, but he’s very talented. He’s using a Mapex drum kit. We love metal, all kinds of it, and we’re trying to show this in what we’re doing.

Tell me a little history of Thornwill, and the name of the band?
Thornwill: A short history is part of our biography. About the name: it is always hard to find a good one, so we had some other names, conflicting also with other European bands, but finally a friend of us suggested Thornwill. We don’t know how it came, but we liked it at once. It means really nothing –There is a small village in the US with this name, and a factory somewhere in South Africa.

Remembering back to your first time in front of a live audience, what comes to mind?
Thornwill: On our first show with Thornwill I was very excited. I had problems wiring up my guitar actually, I Sacred Lieswas so afraid. There were a lot of people, a great audience, because it was a bigger event with a other bands. We started the gig, and they liked us very much, so it was an amazing experience. Since that night I know this is what I really want to do. I think every other member in the band feels the same.

What has been your biggest triumph as Thornwill? Greatest challenge?
Thornwill: I think we can be proud, ’cause we’ve produced a pretty good LP. We’d been working for two years on it from the writing process to wrapping it up.

Our greatest challenge is right before us. We’re going to play on the Metalfest metal competition in Hungary, and the contestants are very very professional.

If the whole world were listening, what would you play? And why?
Thornwill: I think it’d be “Sacred Lies” from our album. We think it rocks the most, and we all enjoy playing it very much! Also, it shows the hard and the melodic side of the band. “Behind the Behavior” would be a good choice, too, ’cause it sums up Implosion very well.

What do you want fans to get from Thornwill’s music?
Thornwill: As we mentioned it earlier, you can discover a lot of musical styles in our music, so we want all of our fans to find something in it that they like, and if they listen to our songs, maybe their musical taste will widen, too.

What is your favorite Thornwill song to perform live? Why?
Thornwill: It’s definitely “Sacred Lies.” It has everything… It has soft parts, and heavy parts, it doesn’t get boring, we all can feel it. And when we feel it, the audience feels it, too.

Who or what inspired you to pick up your first instrument and how old were you?
Marton: I was 11, when I picked up my first guitar. It was awful stuff, so poor quality, even my guitar teacher couldn’t play it. I was inspired by Slash that time, but the inspiration changed always.

Almos: I always loved singing. It’s the perfect way for me to express my feelings. I’ve been singing since the elementary school choir. My first band was Glint. It was a high school band, and was founded in 2003.

13 ImplosionKrisztian: I was inspired by some famous Hungarian rock guitar players, and some guitarists from the US, Zakk Wylde, Chris Caffery, Jeff Waters, and I was pretty young.

Tamas: I was playing the guitar for the first time, but our Band lacked bass guitar player, so I just changed. I was inspired by Hungarian metal bands, but over time the inspiration widened, now it comes from every source:) I was about 13 – 14 years old.

Andras: My first band was called Holnap (Tomorrow), it was a high school band, and it’s still kind of working under the name: Pseudo.

If you could, is there a band or artist that you could recommend (Who readers may not know about, but you think they should.) people listen too?
Thornwill: We’re very good friends with a Slovakian band, called Janesession. And maybe you should check out The Idoru.

Make up your own question and answer it here. Something you feel the fans will want to know that I did not ask you?
What is your goal as a band?
We want to enjoy playing our music, and if just a few people enjoy it too, then it’s worth it.

When you guys will come to play in Japan?
We would be very happy to go; anytime we get an invitation.

This is your chance to promote your CDs, bands, tours, websites & gear?Thornwill
Thornwill: We have one LP, and one SP, both of them are free to download from our site. You can listen to it on,, myspace, and some other places.

We have some shows coming in May, at the moment we only have Hungarian gigs booked. Our official homepage is, with a nice design.

We also have a limited amount of produced CDs that you can order, if you want. We plan to produce some T-Shirts soon too, so if somebody wants one — Contact us on our page. Maybe not everybody notices it, but our complete booklet is also there, clicking on the cover in the music section.

And we have a page on facebook, support us there, and on myspace!

What would you like to say to world fans?
Thornwill: Hope to see you soon on stage!

I would like to thank Thornwill; Almos Gabor, Tamas Paroczi, Krisztian Agoston, Marton Szabo and Andras Balazs for their participation in this interview.
~Denise Smith (interview 2010.05.01)