Tyrant of Mary is a four-peice thrash metal band from Tokyo. They started in 2006 playing covers on metal bands. Now the band has own full-length album in their discography. During active years Tyrant of Mary was making a lot of gigs in own country, and now band is going to the first American (and overseas too) tour. Before this tour the leader of the band Raito spent a little time to answer some questions.

– This is your first interview for Anusaya. Can you introduce yourselves?
Raito on guitar & vocal, Takahiro on guitar, Ko-ta on bass, and allen on drums.

– Band has started 7 years ago. It is long enough, isn’t it? Please tell us about band activity from the beginning until recent days.
– I was trying to find all band members with a similar views and aims through the Internet ads. After all members had joined the band we started to make new melodies and we were practicing at the studio a lot. At the same time the band had regular gigs in Tokyo, and sometimes we were going in other cities. And finally we released long-expected first album. That was a long way though.

– Well, the first album “Tyrant of Mary” was released. Were you really glad? Which feelings did you have when album was released?
– Oh yeah. Of course we were very happy to release album and to show our own music to the world. But, because we had some hesitating moments there were mixed feelings, too. Now we can do more good songs I think. However, at that time we didn’t understand our position completely, therefore that was unavoidable.

– How was the recording process of the album? How was music and lyrics creating?
– We were making music during 6 years already, therefore we had a feeling we’re doing our best CD.

– Among all melodies, which of them is the most successful in your opinion?
– The album’s first song “Hate”. I think this song makes album absolutely complete and fulfilled.

– Did you have any interesting moments while making music?
– At first I had to distribute guitar TAB sheets with notes among the members. (Laughs) Nowadays that is unnecessary. Only if somebody wants to learn melodies fast I give a TABs.

– Does each of the band members have any favorite artists who gives the inspiration? What do you like to listen now?
– We all like Slayer. However, each of us has a slightly different preferences in metal music all the same. But Slayer became a true leader among 80’s thrash metal bands.

– Do you remember your first live performance? What was you feeling at that time?
– At that time I just wanted head banging only! (Laughs)

– You made cover version of Iron Maiden’s song before. Would you like to make any covers again?
– Yes, we did! That was a long time ago. Now we are making cover on Megadeth. We would like to make some songs in the future, too. It will be nice if we can play those melodies somewhere.

– Some time ago Tyrant of Mary took part at “Metal Battle Japan” (metal music contest to join Wacken open air, the biggest metal festival. It’s beibg held every year in many countries). What do you think about event and bands who were playing with you?
– Particularly we’ve got nice responses about our performances. Because we had that power we could do our best… But when we took that decision we were thinking that is impossible to become winner.

– You are going to tour America for the first time this October. What do you feel? Is somebody helping you with this?
– This is incredible! (Laughs) We never left Japan before. But we really enjoy this. I think this is absolutely new experience, we can get some new emotions. It’s really nice. Yes, we have someone who is helping us. He is a Japanese, but we still didn’t meet each other (Laughs).

Where are you planning to go? Will you be playing with any other bands?
– We will be playing near New York and environs. We only know about our promoter’s plans to do gigs with other bands.

– Do you have any plans after your US tour?
– In general everything is decided. The next year we will start making the second album. Therefore all members need to strengthen their will more and more to make it real. First of all we have to rely on our experience and make a really nice album.

– What do you think about Japanese Metal scene?
– Some time ago a lot of bands used “breakdowns” in music, in that case a lot of bands were similar. But now that has changed. I think many different existing bands are becoming more and more interesting. It looks like they can fight against the world. So, I would like people to pay more attention to Japanese metal bands in the future.

– Probably you were sharing scene with a lot of bands before. Can you name any bands which really impressed you?
– Many bands are very impressive. A lot of bands are becoming really “core”, others are trying to do something new. Therefore I get stimulation every day.

– How is band activity now? When are you planning to release a new album?
– Yes, we have plans. In July of the next year we want to release second album. It’s not decided once and for all, but we really want people to listen to our new material as soon as possible.

– At the end of the interview, please, say some words to our readers.
– Nice to meet you! Please, keep in touch with Tyrant of Mary! And come to our shows!


American Tour 2013:

10/10 Bushwick Coffee House, Brooklyn NY
10/11 Hellzapoppin, Baltimore MD
10/12 Mothers Bar & Grille, Easton PA
10/13 Otto’s Shrunken Head, Manhattan NY


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