Yasunori Matsuda is a very busy person. Along with his multiple projects, he remixes music and collaborates with many musicians – Such as well known DJ Tsuyoshi and Juno Reactor, and world famous SUGIZO (X-JAPAN, LUNASEA and JUNO REACTOR). His music is unique and harmonic, balancing between dance electronic tunes and guitar rock sounds.

Please, introduce yourself and tell me a little about your projects.
Hello everyone!
My name is Yasunori Matsuda.
I’m a producer of club and dance music. I’m do everything from composition, programming and mixing down. I have three projects; UNI, SiNE6 and MaZDA.

I began my solo project SiNE6 in 2003, to make more techno, and hard-core. Now I’m participating in a musical project of Mr. SUGIZO (X-JAPAN, LUNASEA and JUNO REACTOR)  under the name of MaZDA.

How did your musical activity start? What music influenced you?
When I was young, I loved heavy metal such as Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer. After that, I liked punk rock.

Why did you choose trance music? Have you ever thought to experiment with any others genres?
I was making techno at first and attended a GOA TRANCE party. And with the influence of a friend who just came back from a trip to India, I got into it.

GOA TRANCE has a Rock element. There was not only music but a spiritual culture in a GOA TRANCE SCENE of those days. I liked it.

You are a member of a unique music project UNI. Tell us how it was started and about its conception.
Osho who is a member of UNI was a senior at the university where I was studying. I formed the techno unit with him at first. We were exposed to the influences of a friend who traveled in Goa, and after we changed to a trance unit.

We were influenced by JUNO REACTOR. UNI’s concept is a fusion of instrumental and electronic sounds, and UNI’s sound reflects our Japanese identity in music.

UNI has toured other countries. Do performances in other countries have any differences? Which?
We played in Australia and Greece – there are no differences.

Do you like to perform in front of new audiences? What do you feel in such moments?
It makes me happy. I like it.

The latest UNI’s album was released in 2008. Do you have plans to release new material as UNI in the near future?
I will make SINE6 REMIX.

For recording of “Newunderstand” you invited a new member – guitarist Shake. That brought a new dimension to UNI’s music. How did you come to that decision?
Because, it was good to have such a noteworthy musician’s collaboration both live and in the studio.

You collaborated with a lot of well known Japanese musicians – Tell about me about them. Especially about your latest work with SUGIZO.
I have worked with Mr. SUGIZO many times over the last year. Our collaboration started with SiNE6 – having REMIX(ed) Mr. SUGIZO’s music “DO FUNK DANCE.” Our joint works are singles; “MESSIAH,” “PRANA” and “The EDGE.” We’ play under the motto; “NO MORE NUKES, PLAY THE GUITAR.”

SINE6 will release a new song 『BLACKOUT』 on June 20. The music is TRANCExROCKxDUBSTEP which features the guitar of SUGIZO, and the voice of Tezya. Please, when you listen take note of the lyrics – The words are the accounts to the world of the Japanese who experienced 3/11.

Another collaboration is with TRF (famous Japanese dance unit), and WAGDUG FUTURISTIC UNITY (The new project of KYONO of THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS).

What do you think about the current Japanese electronic scene? Which Japanese artists are upcoming in the scene?
You have to separate the underground and overground scene. I think that it becomes interesting that new music is produced after, since it is an underground scene.

You took part in a lot of music festivals, including one of the biggest Fuji Rock Festival. Tell me about that experience.
I think in music, all things are possible. I felt a sense of togetherness, a place in which the audience and the artist became one.

Do you have any plans to take part in any musical festival in this year?
I played at Nagisa MUSIC FESTIVAL on the day of a gold crown solar eclipse

Is it true that you have your own DJ school? Who can become pupils?
Yes, I have music school TRANCE, ELECTRO, TECHNO.


Join us!

This year Juno Reactor released the album “From The Land Of The Rising Sun” with song remixes were done by Japanese musicians, including your own work as Sine6. Can you tell us how this project was born?
At first I thought that it would be a project in which several artists would participate. But the project spread to an artist’s network and I think that each took it to the label side.

You have many projects. Is it hard to be involved in a lot of different works? How do you relax?
Although it is not difficult, I would like to make more of my own music this year.
I cannot relax (laughs).
I do want to play in Europe.

Do you have any hobbies?
I like nature. I like to go to the country.

What new music releases have impressed you recently? And why?
Although it was not a music release, the live of Lenny Kravitz was very good.

Do you think the popularity of electronic music is waning? If so, what do you believe the reasons to be?
No. Electronic music can be heard everywhere. For example; it is even included in mainstream pop music.

What are your plans for the near future?
SINE6 will release a new song “『BLACKOUT』” on June 20th and will release a new album this year.

Finally, what would you say to your fans?
Please check these websites out!

MaZDA Facebook
UNI Facebook
SiNE6 MySpace
SiNE6 Soundcloud

New Single feat. SUGIZO & Tezya

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