Takuma Vocals, Guitar
Naoki Bass, Vocals
Kouichi Drums

Known for not taking their celebrity personas very seriously, 10-FEET isn’t your typical punk band. They are considered to be one of the best live bands in Japan today. 10-FEET‘s energy both on stage and in their music continues to impress fans and critics alike.

Originally they were a cover band, with all 3 members coming from different musical genres. The members’ roots include reggae, hip-hop, heavy metal, punk and pop. This eclectic mix of musical styles has influenced and inspired 10-FEET‘s music from the beginning. As heard in the ska-punk sound of “Be Friends Again,” the pop of “Long Distance,” and the punk rock of “nil?,” they bring a unique and forceful blending of these genres to the world of punk rock. Their songs continuing to cross over, bringing fans of many genres together under one band.

As ex-members of various bands and “with the problem child of each band getting together,” jokes Takuma. 10-FEET was formed in August 1997, in Kyoto. In early 2000 they performed live with Gorilla Attack, which led to a nationwide tour. In December 2000 they moved to Tokyo.

10-FEET were signed by Buddy [label] early in 2001 and released their first maxi single April Fool, on April 1st. They then released their first full album Springman, in April 2002. Soon after the release of the single “River,” in November of that same year. 10-FEET signed with Badass-Universal J (label). Under their new label 10-FEET released their 4th maxi single nil? in June 2003, and in January 2004, releasing what some believe to be 10-FEEt’s best album to date; Realife.

10-FEET were one of the first Japanese bands I’d heard. They continue to delight and entertain in both their humor and their music.


– Denise Smith (first published keikaku.net, updated 2009.10.15)