Arata Ikemoto (Bass, Chorus)
Gendai Matsuyama (Vocal, Guitar)
Tomowo Morikawa (Guitar, Chorus)
Ieyasu Kitade (Drums)

Rooted in hard rock, emo, alternative and new wave Aeronauts‘ rock style is defined by both a smooth and unrefined garage-rock sound. Aeronauts‘ contrasting musical style may seem to be a contradiction in terms, but these contrasts are what sets this band apart and inspires fans to describe Aeronauts‘ music as defining the word indie.

Formed in 1996, at Osaka University, “Magnum ☆ Galactica” [ギャラクティカ☆マグナム] changed their name to Aeronauts in 2003.  Signed to Warner Indies Network “Magnum ☆ Galactica” released 3 albums through Tokiola Records: Automeal (2000), 9 (2001), and Under the Innocent Sky (2002).

In April 2003, the newly named Aeronauts released their first single Electric Star. The band would release 3 more singles, 4 albums, and one official bootleg (electronic release) by the spring of 2012. All five albums are available at bandcamp; Out Of Bounds (2012),  I AM O.K. (2011), ReadyMade (2009 ), RIDE (2006) and WASH (2004).

This natural guitar rock band, skirts the axis of common melody pop with their own sense of medium tempo. Hidden inside the heat of Matsuyama’s voice is a cool delivery. While Morikawa’s guitar is unilaterally driven and the underlying rhythm of Kitade and Ikemoto supports the whole.

Aeronauts, soar!