???? ?Akatsuki, Akatuki)Formed on November 4th, 2001, by founding members vocalist Suda Takushi, bass player Kinoshita Tsukasa, drummer Yoshiki Watanabe and guitarist Endo — ???? ?Akatuki, Akatsuki, AKTK) is a punk band that rarely deviates long from their chosen genre – post-punk. Like a high-speed collision between an indie-rock hipster and pop-punk idol, Akatuki morphs into a full scale punk rock assault on the senses.

In 2003, Akatuki created the independent label Akatsuki (Records) and released their self-titled first album on May 5th. Four months later, the band released their second full-length Akatuki A Go!! Go!!. In February 2004, “Akatsuki Ltd.” was established, while in April 2004, the group released their third album Akatuki Rock Show. After it was released, the band signed their first contract and in June 2004, released their major label debut Fullahead through For Life Music Entertainment.

In less than two and a half years the band had released 4 albums, they would go on to release 4 more, two singles and featured on numerous compilations. In April 2006, Endo quit the group, going on to form his own band Geeks (2008). Then in September 2008, Yoshiki Watanabe also withdrew, taking on the role of drummer for many bands. So, ends the history of the first Akatuki, and the band’s current official biography begins.

Rising from the inactivity of a year disbandment, the remaining members Takushi and Tsukasa took on two new members; guitar player Aoki Satoshi and drummer Takai Tetsushi. Launching the newly formed Akatuki in October 2009, and performing their first live event in November. A year later, the new Akatuki released their 8th studio album Authority Killer Teen Kidding, on November 11, 2010.

Akatuki are much more than a punk band – they’re a good band. Delivering a solid blitzkrieg of mature and inciting punk-rock mayhem.