Ammoflight Members:
Kubota Isaotomo (Guitar)
Toritsuka Naoto (Bass)
Kasai Kazushige (Drums)
Tsukui Tsunehito (Vocal, Guitar)

Formed in 2008, Ammoflight (???????) is a pop-band from Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture. The band’s name Ammoflight was created in the hope that the band would attain a degree of evolution “equal to a flying ammonite.”

This four-piece of imaginative musicians, open up the world of pop to both strength and fragility, while combating everyday conflict and worries with lyrics of hope, all built around the band’s in-your-face vocals.

In May 2008, Ammoflight dropped their first demo CD Ammoflight. And after a national tour in 2009, they released their first mini album Philosofiles. In November 2010, the limited release CD Switch was made available venue only.

On the heals of the band’s second national tour in 2011, the group released their 2nd Mini album Truthpeaker in June. In 2012, Ammoflight released their first major debut single Graffiti ? in March, followed by the band’s second single Summer Color Dot in August of that same year.

Ammoflight’s pure pop sensibilities, catchy melodies and strong belief in love and a brighter tomorrow amidst social and personal problems, can bring a smile to even the most jaded of listeners.