Sasaki Kentaro Bass, Vocals
Shimooka Akira Guitar, Vocals
Saito Syuichiro Drums, Vocals

The rock trio Analogfish consists of one drum kit, one guitar, and one bass. What they lack in physical stage presence is more than made up in their instrumental talents and three part vocals. Though Kentaro Sasaki’s voice is predominant. Akira Shimooka’s co-vocal is always there to compliment and add another depth to the lyrics. Add Syuichiro Saito’s chorus to the mix and Analogfish has something unique among rock bands, harmonies.

Meeting in junior high school, Analogfish was formed by Kentaro Sasaki and Akira Shimooka. In 1999, Sasaki and Oka recorded an untitled demo cassette as Analog Fish. In 2000, both moved to Tokyo. As a duo with a support drummer, they began performing live venues in 2001. In April 2002, Syuichiro Saito joined the band as drummer and chorus. In October of that same year, Analogfish produced and recorded their own demo Analog Fish 2. Consisting of nine tracks, five of these songs would form the core of their first album.

Signing with Magnet Records in 2003, Analogfish released their first album Sekai wa Maboroshi (????, The World Vision) on June 25. In 2004, Analogfish signed with Epic-Sony and released their major label debut; Analog Fish (?????????) on June 23. Following with the single Hello Hello Hello on on September 23, and the single BGM? in February of the next year.

On March 10, 2008, Saito withdrew from the group for medical reasons, and for a short time Analogfish became a duo. After releasing 6 albums, numerous singles and compilations; On October 10, 2009, Analogfish celebrated the return of Syuichiro and 10 years as a band.

One of the highlights of their discography, I’d recommend the album Analog Fish [self-titled].


– Denise Smith (updated 2013.01.15)