Arbus was formed in May 2008 in Kyoto. They are young, purposeful and filled of energy. They are finding inspiration in many different genres,  such as music of their scene partners, hardcore, punk, jazz, bossa nova and even pop music. As a result, you can hear great and catchy fusion of many genres. They are not afraid to do experimental sound.

On April 2008 guitarist Shohei Ikezumi and bassist Hayato Bo decided to make music together with a band. On May, vocalist Yezuru Shimamura and drummer Tomoya Omaya joined. Thereby, Arbus started their activity. And very soon, on July, they recorded first 4-track “Pre-demo”, that was distributed for free on their live performances.

On March 2009,  Arbus finished recordings of their next demo  “with your perfection…”. After that, another guitarist Ryousuke Fujita joined the band. On the same year, their songs was included in two compilations:  “Hoped Reality Vol. 1”, released on Last Fort records in August; and  “Know Reason Why Vol. 1”, released on Sleepless City records in December.

And finally, on October 2010, Arbus released first mini-album “A Recess in the Wall”. This work showed new level of  development of their sound.

Next 2011, band  spent their time with live performances in clubs based in Kyoto in general. The beginning of 2012 became hard for Arbus, they decided to take a little break.  On March, drummer Tomoya left band. But very soon, on April, new member Ryotaro Nishida joined. And in the beginning of summer, new split-EP with bilo’u was announced.

Now, Arbus  resumed their concert activity and preparing new full-length album. Perhaps, in near time, you can take a chance to hear their new songs.

Arbus are:  Yezuru Shimamura – vocal, Shohei Ikezumi – guitar, Ryosuke Fujita – guitar,  Hayato Bo – bass and Ryotaro Nishida – drums.