Billys BandBilly’s Band is one of the brightest bands on Russian indie club music scene. Their music is a fusion of jazz, blues, swing and rock. The members often describe their style as “romantic alcojazz” or “funeral Dixieland with infinite Happy End.” The band’s discography counts 5 studio albums, 3 live albums and countless compilations.

Billy’s Band was founded in 2001, by Vadim (aka Billy) Novik (vocal, double-bass) and Andrey Reznikov (guitar). Billy foormed his first band (he was vocalist and drummer) at school but after graduation the band split up and Billy become part of another band as a guitar player, but in 1995 he left this group. During the following years he dedicated himself to studying medicine and working as pathologist at a children’s hospital.

In 1999, Billy returned to the music scene in a slightly different manner – He founded a small club in Saint-Petersburg called Boom Brothers and Andrey became the art director of this club. At this time Billy discovered for himself Tom Waits’s music, and started to make interpretations of Tom’s songs for his friend’s amazement.

On the 3rd of October 1999, at Boom Brothers was the first live performance of “Billy Dilly’s Band.” They played music of different genres including country, surf, some songs of Tom Waits and others. The next year the band kept doing live performances from time to time. In spring 2001, Billy quit his job as club manager and dedicated himself to music. While in the beginning of the year Anton Matezius (percussion, bayan) joined the band. During 2001, “Billy Dilly’s Band” was doing live shows at clubs in Russia. They recorded a few songs, which will become their first release – Being Tom Waits. The band was invited to play in Germany and after this trip Billy changed from guitar to double-bass. This moment is considered by the members of the band as the beginning of Billy’s Band.

In 2002, Billy’s Band made two trips to Germany, played at clubs in Russia (Saint-Petersburg and Moscow) and at the end of the year went to France. In 2003, the second full-length album Парижские сезоны was released. During live shows many famous jazz musicians joined the trio adding spicy notes of trombone and saxophone to the band’s music, and sometimes adding sounds from unusual musical instruments such as metal washboard or saucepot.

The next studio album ОТКРЫТКА ОТ was released in the summer of 2003. Meanwhile Billy’s Band was gaining popularity in Russia by playing at rock festivals and appearing on TV programs. For the next two years, the band continued to do live shows and in 2005, released their live album Being TOM WAITS.

The next year the band went to the USA for the first time and later that year a live DVD Блюз в моей голове was released. In the winter of 2006 and 2007, the band worked in the studio creating their next album Чужие. In 2009, Billy’s Band introduced their new stage act Autumn alcojazz, releasing a new album by the same name and following up with a tour. In 2010, the band released two albums Блошиный рынок and The Best of Billy’s Band on vinyl.

Billy’s Band is one of the rare representatives of DIY (“Do It Yourself”) model – They never had a contract with a record label.

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