“The sound of Biopsyhoz is “progressive, caustic, outspoken, and industrial with a touch of hardcore, and relaxation elements.” Although, electronica dominates, the presence of live guitar and bass adds a certain character to the music. Critics often compare Biopsyhoz with other groups such as: Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy, Marilyn Manson and Rammstein. After they became a fully-formed group in Vladivostok.” – Official Facebook

Project under the name Biopsyhoz was started in 1999 by composer and musician Sergey Shubin (?????? ?????). In the same year they released their debut album “?????? ??????” (Period One), that was completely recorded in home studio. Due to some reasons their next work “???????????? ????” (Cerebral sex) was not released on physical CD and you can find it on the band official page. Band’s next work became serious step in the band activity. Biopsyhoz go to Moscow to join known label “Soyuz”. And in 2005 in Moscow they released third album “?????? ?” (Period S), that made them known in the west part of Russia. Some songs from that album were chosen for soundtracks of well-known Russian movies.

At the end of 2006, Biopsyhoz let out a new album “P.L.O.D.” It took about two years to make the album. A lot of work was done and from 70 songs only 15 were chosen. “P.L.O.D.” is of superior quality than the previous album.

Fifth album “(((?????????” (Sozercaniye) showed listeners new image of band’s music. Now that was light and melodic sound with using a lot of acoustic equipments, that brought ambient atmosphere to each melody.

The latest work “?????????? ???????” (Vospitaniye Strahom) became a really professional and catchy. Band grew up to another level of music quality.


All music is available to download for free on the official band page.