couchA rock guitar riff here, a cool jazz vocal there – Couch draws elements from different genres combining them with their particular brand of mainstream pop. Couch’s musical style defines the words “Japanese Indie Pop” creating a pop sound that is refined by Couch and defies mainstream cliches.

Couch was formed in November 2002, bringing together ex-Benzo front man Koji Hiraizumi, Theatre Brook’s current bassist Takashi Nakajo [ex-King Bees], and Tetsuya Kojima, one of the most prolific session drummers at that time.

Signed to Tokiola Hanabee Label, Couch quietly released their first album Kyouka on December 3, 2003. The album gained the respect of both critics and fans alike. Drawing on the members’ connections, when the band next entered the studio, they were joined by such artists as Taiji Sato, the other half of the band Theatre Brook, and Miho Iguchi of The Aprils. On September 8, 2004, Couch released their much anticipated second album Blow. Unlike Kyouka’s jazz influences, Blow takes full advantage of the keyboards of Taiji Sato and Miho Iguchi, delivering an almost disco feel.

Though, Couch has only a handful of releases and their still minimalist band site once boasted: “New official Site: Coming Soon” for years. The band continues to tour live. Combining talent and experience, Couch brings a maturity to their music that most bands achieve only after years of playing together.