Kenta Koie – vocal,
Kazuki Takemura – guitar,
Hiroki Ikegawa – bass,
Tatsuya Amano – drums,
Terufumi Tamano – programming.

Crossfaith is an electronic metalcore band based in Osaka, Japan. This young band, has already made quite a name for themselves; finding fans not only in Japan but overseas and around the world too.

Crossfaith was formed in 2006, and in their earlier days they played songs such as “STORY OF THE YEAR” at a High School festival. After many changes of members, the band came to current line-up. Crossfaith is a group that seeks to bring something new and unique to their music – Introducing strings and electronic sounds into heavy music. Which makes the songs from these 18-year-olds, very catchy and yet very heavy at the same time. Helping create, a new sub-genre in Japan.

In 2008, only 1000 limited copies of the EP “Blueprint of reconstruction” was released and were sold out within two months. In March 2009, Crossfaith’s song “Blue” was chosen for the compilation album “VERSUS” with such well known groups as Alesana, Scapegoat, Classic Case, The Blackout, etc. On April 29th, their 1st album, “The Artificial Theory for The Dramatic Beauty” was released with ZESTONE RECORDS.
While vocalist Koie took part in the recording of Canadian musician MANAFEST’s latest album, which includes a new version of the song “No Plan B.”

In May Crossfaith is releasing their third studio album. The album was recorded at Machine Shop Studios in New York, in January 2013. Between June and August 2013, you catch the band in the USA on the Van’s Warped Tour this summer.