CryoutCryout is led by dread-locked guitarist Jerry (Cryout) Criner — Together with man-of-all instruments James Young (aka Buck), drummer Torance “Bear” Cushinberr, keyboardist Darold Epps and Rowland on bass.

Criner’s philosophy is the “Straight and Narrow” road of reggae with a funky twist, mixing together a bit of blues and jazz and thus creating CRYOUT. This reggae band has performed nationally for the past 15 plus years, sharing a stage with such legends as Burning Spear, Steel Pulse, Andrew Tosh, Inner Circle, Richard Marks, Sugar Minot, Killer Bees, The Itals and many many more.

While most of the original music comes from Jerry’s personal experiences, other band members also contribute to the writing process. Cryout has released two CDs: Righteous Medication For The Soul, and Cryout From The Cherokee Nation. Cryout From The Cherokee Nation is a special release; This live CD was recorded in analog, and was released with that old school early 70s true sound recording. Cryout is on both Sunset Records and Tropical Records (labels), and also available through Unemployment Records.

Cryout’s music doesn’t feel composed but rather flows and moves fluidly — With enough funk to stay up while being smooth enough to be chill.

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