FEAR FROM THE HATE FEAR FROM THE HATE was formed in August 2008, when two school friends Hiro and Kouichi decided to play music together. At first the band’s line-up changed a few times but when vocalist Lidy joined the current line-up remained. In October 2009, the band recorded and released their first self-produced demo CD “There is no reply, It was a worthless corpse / Sign of a ruin” with 1100 copies. The CD was distributed for free at their events.

2010, was quite successful for the band – They took part in two big festivals in Japan; SCREAM OUT FEST 2010 and Geki Rock FEST.  While in April, their first EP “Cursed Screamers For All The Frozen Tears” was released independently by the band. The group toured across country – Performed in such prefectures as Hyogo, Aichi, Fukui, Chiba, Fukushima, in Osaka and Tokyo  also.

In March 2011, FEAR FROM THE HATE were signed to “garimpeiro records” and at the end of the month the first single “Paint a Trip Party” was released. All 1500 copies sold out after few month. On the new single listeners can hear some changes to the band’s sound. The songs became more melodic and lyrical; the band’s frontman concentrating on Japanese lyrics and clean vocals, and not just  screams and growls. At the same time the band shot their first promotional video “Paint a Trip Party” in collaboration with Maxilla (they worked with such Japanese bands as OCEANLANE, HER NAME IN BLOOD, CROSSFAITH, NEWBREED).

In May 2011, the song “Flight to Memories” was included in the charity compilation  “A Wish to End the Tragedy” that was released under “garimpeiro records.” The compilation included songs from many domestic artists and some overseas bands. Among them were Closure in Moscow, One Last Hero, Before Their Eyes, and others.

Finally, in August 17th 2011, a brand new album “Birthday of 12 Questions” was released! Perhaps it will be a turning of the tide for the band.  The release brings us some new changes in the band’s sound and lyrics – Managing to find compromises for hard guitar riffs and electronic sounds. The vocal has became more harmonic and even more clean. Complete with a little surprise – FEAR FROM THE HATE included a ballad that sends listeners back to classical heavy metal and hard rock traditions.

In summer 2011, FEAR FROM THE HATE went on tour throughout  Japan. Perhaps, in near future we will hope to see them with shows in overseas countries too. They just need some of your support and belief.

FEAR FROM THE HATE are Lidy – vocal, Kouichi – guitar & programming, Yutaro – guitar, Hiro – bass and Shinya – drums.