Fight on the FreewayFight on the Freeway are vocalist Shotx, guitar player Billy, bassist Adrian, drummer Scott and Jr. on keyboards. The band is a metal five-piece featuring crazy guitar riffs, solid bass work, good drumming, and a mix of brutal screaming growls and melodic breaks with clean vocals.

In 2010, Fight on the Freeway met up in a small rehearsal room in Huntington Beach, California with the combined vision of creating musical chaos in an era of pre-programmed industry bullshit.

Formed from ex-members of prominent and local heavy bands, Fight on the Freeway have unleashed a volatile mix of post-thrash and urban hardcore, paying homage to the old-school styles while keeping it fresh.

Exhibiting a brutal but diverse approach to songwriting, their recently released four song EP is devastating from start to finish. Pounding rhythms, tortured vocals, razor sharp riffs complimented with chaotic lyrical themes, leaves a staggering impression on the listener.

What can be described as the line-up from hell, Fight on the Freeway came to rock!! Goal accomplished.