gari GARI is a Japanese electro rock band, formed in 1997 in Tokyo, Japan. The band was formed as sessional unit with three members: Yutaka Dokko – Guitars, Naoki Fujimoto – Bass and Kei Kusakabe – Drums. Later, vocalist YOW-ROW joined. They debuted on the independent label Deadstocksandwich Records in 1999 with first maxi-single “BRAINSHOOTER”.
In February 2005, they took part in Atsushi Sakurai’s solo project, he is vocalist of famous BUCK-TICK, named “Hymn of Love”. And in this year the band moved to Victor Entertainment, a big major label in Japan. 24 August, the album “e · go · is · tick” was released. People liked their light electronic sound with dance rock tunes. Someones compare their music and vocal manner with Limp Bizkit. As a result, album reached top10 music charts in Japan during few days. In November they released remix-album “al · tru · is · tick” featuring many artists.
June 21, 2006, mini album “NEO RADIO STATION” was released. And in the same year GARI performed their first one-man gig, and released next full-length album named “Masked” in October.
In 2007 GARI went to Europe. They took part at Japan Expo anime convention in France. After that performance band visited Finland, and also took part in the one of biggest festivals in Asia “FORMOZ FESTIVAL 2007”.
They shared scene with a lot of famous Japanese bands, such as ASIAN KUN-FU GENERATION, Dragon Ash, 10-FEET and others.
In 2011, GARI released album “Harmonik / Electrik”. That was next step in their activity. Sound was changing with any release, but they have their unique style in each melody.