瀬木 ヤコー (Yako Segi) – vocals, guitar, programming
中越 亮佑 (Ryosuke Nakagoshi) – bass, programming
ゆうこさん (Yuko-san) – vocals

It all started in the 90s when 瀬木 ヤコー (Yako Segi) and decided to start a band called snooze. They both were fans of bands as Radiohead and Nirvana and wanted to become musicians themselves, though their songs more resembled punk. After few months they became a trio when ゆうこさん (Yuko-san) joined the band as a drummer. As snooze their style was very different than the inspire:tion we now know of. In the late 90s they started to adopt the PC as an instrument and started experimenting with various music genres. Around this time also, Yuko quit being a drummer and started her role as the vocalist of the band.

With a new style (shoegaze, pop) comes a new name and thus they changed their name to inspire:tion. Nakagoshi took the part of sound engineer, bass-player and keys on him, while Segi would solely focus on guitar playing. The songs are written by both Nakagoshi and Segi. Their first release as inspire:tion, the mini-album Butterfly Jack, comes out in early 2003. They really get inspired after this first release, and within 18 months, they release three albums, 旧世界 (April 2003), 天国と地獄 (October 2003) and Zion Orchestra (June 2004).

But then it became quiet, very quiet. Despite their name, they seemed to be out of inspirition after these three albums. They decided to go on an indefinite hiatus and all hope for new works seems to be gone. More than four years later, by the end of 2008, they came back together. Their motivations had changed; they’re all over 30 years now, and have become more experienced. Their goal for the new album became less clear though, and they made over 30 tracks to see which would fit their new album best. After working for over a year on their fourth album, 小さな世界とシェルターボーイ, came out in March 2010. Their style hasn’t changed all that much in the years – inspire:tion had kept their electronic shoegaze-style but added more pop to it.