kuroi mori KUROI MORI is the solo project of Japanese musician Hiroki Furutani, who has been involved with various electronic, jazz-rock and avant-garde projects since the 1990’s. During his activity he worked with a lot of great Japanese and overseas musician, and also as sound engineer and video editor.

His first album “Schwarzwald – KUROI MORI” was released on Tone Casualties in 1999, an American label based in Los Angeles. The album has a simple, melancholic style and was created with the aid of AKAI S-3200XL sampling gear. The album title (Schwarzwald Kuroi Mori) is taken from the name of a German Forest , which became the place of myth and fable in olden times and we are reminded of the dark mystique of the woods when listening to the music.
His second album, “Dawning” (2001) features a number of collaborations and the voices of his contemporaries stir up deep and dark images. Imagine minimal experimental trip hop mixed with Portishead’s atmospherics and you’ll get close to what is happening on this album.
In 2009, with the released of the third album “Memento Mori” his sound changed as he attempted to fuse Electronica with the electric guitars of Progressive and Post-Rock.
Hiroki Furutani is now working on his fourth album with musicians in London . And according to his words, this album also promises an Electronic sound accompanied by melancholic vocals and melodies.


And two songs from Kuroi Mori’s upcoming album

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