Bill Lonero (Lead/Harmony/Rhythm Guitar)
Brandon Hayes (Rhythm/Harmony Guitar)
Mike McKaigg (Bass)
Marco Bicca (Drums)

There’s quite literally an endless amount of music genres these days, but none focuses more on the talent and melodic power of a guitar than guitarcore. A new term coined by California instrumental guitarist Bill Lonero (whose band LoNero — champions the genre), guitarcore brings a focus on the guitar that is different from traditional instrumental guitar.

There’s something to be said for having conviction and dedication for your art in a business that is so watered down that it has become a shallow shell of it’s former self. LoNero is one of those rare bands that strays away from trends and the beaten path. They are four musicians that got together to create a new genre of instrumental rock. Guitarist Bill Lonero, drummer Steve Spicer, bassist Mike McKaigg and guitarist William Baglivio created Guitarcore, a genre all their own. So infectious that even those that don’t listen to rock find themselves headbanging and foot tapping to their unique brand of Instrumental Guitarcore.

“Guitarcore is about the song. It’s for all of those people who love guitar but don’t want to hear someone grunting or growling over the top of it and it’s for those who love guitar but don’t want to hear some self-indulgent, 20-minute guitar solo. Our songs have verses and choruses, bridges and solo sections. When we write we write as if a singer is going to sing over the top of it. Guitarcore is also about the band…” says Bill lonero.

LoNero’s debut cd Relentless (released 2007 with a month long promotion from Apple Computers) is 14 tracks of punishing rhythms, beautiful acoustic and infectious melodies. Built on the principal that the song should always come first, Relentless proves that you can still be instrumental and gain a wide and varied fan base without having to follow what others have already done.

Unlike most instrumental artists LoNero is a band in the truest sense of the word. Everyone contributes to the unique sound that is LoNero. But LoNero is not just a band that records in the studio album after album. They are a dynamic group that performs live every chance they get.

Currently, along with members, Brandon Hayes (guitar) and Marco Bicca (drums), LoNero is writing and recording their much anticipated follow up to J.F.L. – “Defiant,” due out at the end of the this year.