Lonesome Dove WoodrowsPlaying full energy garage-punk, with style; Lonesome Dove Woodrows’ (ロンサム・ダヴ・ウッドローズ) garage roots have given way to a tighter more refined sound. Though that is true, make no mistake – Lonesome Dove Woodrows’ rough exterior, raw, lo-fi groove and popping beats, are all rock and roll.

With a long succession of member changes Lonesome Dove Woodrows were first formed in 1991 in Tokyo, Japan, when vocalist and guitarist Tarshi (The Turn-Tables) took on the role of front-man, along with founding member bass player Baba.

On April 22, 2004, the band released their first album Cafe’ de Cobalt though Tiger Hole/ Loft Records. The album, a garage rock thrill was followed up in September by the single Winter Shuffle (Tiger Hole Choice). Over the next four years the band would be included in numerous omnibus and release three albums Charade Moon (2005), CUT IN HALF (2007) and Chiaroscuro (2008). Of Charade Moon, the album brought a new maturity to the band’s writing and inclusion of songs on their albums.

After the release of the LDW’s forth album, two members walked away and the duo went into an uneasy hiatus, with periodic compilation projects. In 2010, despite drummer Takuya (ex-Jerry of Beat’s / Frankie & Johnny) joining the group the band seemed to go into hibernation.

Then in summer 2011, Tarshi ran into Tsukazaki (ex-reverslow / Farmstay) and from this random meeting Lonesome Dove Woodrows sprang back to life. Tsukazaki joined the band officially in September, that same month the band’s 5th full album Day For Night / Shine Quietly was released through T-V-Freak Records to favorable reviews.


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