Maps & AtlasesDave Davison (guitar, vocals)
Shiraz Dada (bass)
Erin Elders (guitar)
Chris Hainey (drums)

Maps & Atlases is a rock group from Chicago, Illinois USA. Equally influenced by folk and experimental music they have often been labeled as a math rock band though their music has developed a slightly more pop-oriented style over time.

Maps & Atlases has released two official EPs, one full length LP and played several festivals including SXSW and CMJ, as well as national tours. The band gained a sizable local following by playing many shows around nearby Midwest states, as well as many underground basement shows in Chicago with similarly minded acts.

In 2006, Maps & Atlases’ released the EP Tree, Swallows, Houses to overwhelmingly positive reviews by critics and fans. In July 2008, Sargent House (label) released the EP You and Me and the Mountain which took many fans by surprise due to its slower pacing and more folk-oriented songwriting. It was still, however, warmly received by fans and critics alike – Applauded for its original songwriting style.

Maps & Atlases spent the majority of 2009, writing and recording songs for their long-awaited full-length album. In March 2010, the band signed with Barsuk Records, who released their debut album entitled Perch Patchwork on June 29, 2010.

Maps & Atlases has charted an interesting sonic course from the start, moving from aggressive volume to Math Rock precision to Folk-tinged experimentalism to its latest explorations, which incorporate the best hybridized parts of everything they’ve done to date.