??????????With a musical base extending beyond their punk rock core, Maximum the Hormone (??????????) beats funk and other influences senseless, with a blast of full-on hardcore punk energy and fun. One of the most unique punk bands of our time, the band’s lyrics are provocative, humorous and make little sense except in the mind of the band.

Maximum the Hormone was formed in Tokyo, Japan in 1998, by vocalist Daisuke Tsuda and drummer/vocals Nao Kawakita. After, a few member changes the group’s current lineup consists of Nao, Daisuke, bass player Futoshi Uehara (Ue-chan), guitarist/vocalist Ryo Kawakita.

Over the next year, the band played around the Tokyo area, signing with Sky Records in 1999. Under that label, the band released their first EP A.S.A. Crew (????????????) on August 29. At the time Daisuke wrote his songs only in English, and “Maximum the Hormone” was also written in Latin. That changed with the new band lineup – reflecting those changes the band decided to root their lyrics and band name in their native Japanese.

In 2002, MtH left Sky Records and signed with Mimikajiru Records – Releasing the single, “Niku Cup (????)” in May, followed by the full length album Mimi Kajiru (????) in August of that year. The album was the first full album released to feature Maximum the Hormone’s current lineup. In 2004, the band signed with VAP – releasing their major label debut Rokkinpo Goroshi (???????) on March 2, 2005.

Maximum the Hormone’s irreverent punk is never tame slaps across the cheek but intense full body slamming masterpieces. Categorized nu metal and hardcore punk the band members’ riotous capability for having a good time for both themselves and fans is legendary.