metal safariMetal Safari is a metalcore and thrash metal quartet based Tokyo.  Metal Safari consists of  Ina – vocal, Hiro – guitars, Jun – bass and Yazu – drums. And they became true Gods of the Japanese underground metal scene at present time.

Band was formed in March 2005 by Ina, Hiro and Yazu. At this time, the band members had recently just broken up from their previous group, “GodDaShanX”. They released three demo tracks that they distributed freely at their shows, shortly after in July 2005, Jun joined the band as the bassist. Jun was friend of them, and originally he played guitar. But when Hiro, Ina and Yazu invited him to band, Jun changed his guitar for bass. And since that time their line-up is not changed.

During the production of the first album, Hiro was filmed for a “Young Guitars DVD” released in October 2005 with the magazine. It was also during the recording of this video that the band recorded their first video for the song “Hell’s Blast”.

In May 2006, the band released their first album titled, “Return to my Blood.” The album was supported by a huge international tour, consisting of locations such as China, where they headlined “MODERN SKY FESTIVAL 2007”, Hong Kong and also Poland, where band took part in “Metalfilia” festival.  Domestically, Metal Safari participated twice in “Ju-Ongaku-Sai” (Heavy Music Festival), the biggest festival of Japanese metal/hardcore bands, first as one of the main stage acts and then as the headliner.

After that they was looking for label during long time, as long as people was very glad to hear about release second full-length album “Prisoner”. It was released in September 2010.