Mógil are a quartet hailing from Iceland and Belgium. The bandmembers are Heiða Árnadóttir (vocals), Ananta Roosens (violin), Joachim Badenhorst (clarinet/saxophone) and Hilmar Jensson (guitar). Their songs are all sung in Icelandic, true to old Icelandic folk texts.Mógil

In 2006, Mógil toured Iceland, playing in small churches throughout the country. Their debut-album, , was also recorded in a small Icelandic Church in 2007, and was released in September 2008. This album combines the Icelandic folk-music with the Belgian experimental expertise.

The music floats in a gauzy haze with the vocals delivered in a rich, soprano that has a folk-­based earthiness, contrasting with the very contemporary accompaniment. This not only gives the music a healthy tension but also a timeless feel. The New York City Jazz record – NYC