rikugoMembers are
Shimpei Tsumita – Vocal, Guitar
Yusuke Murata – Guitar
Shunsuke Yagi – Keyboards
Kiyotaka Masudo – Bass
Shingo Uchida – Drums, Percussions

Rikugo (六合) is the band from Kyoto, ancient capital of Japan. And seems spirit of that historical place found a reflection in their music. Melodic progressive metal with traditional tunes and lyrics with using a lot of old traditional Japanese words. Their name is Universe in English and theme of Universe and nature is piercing through each melody. Dark and melancholic sound makes their music so atmospheric, it’s like a tie between boundless space of Universe and your own inner world.

Band was formed by vocalist Shimpei Tsumita in 2004. Earlier he was playing on guitar in a heavy metal band. And in the beginning he was performing alone with sessions musicions. But some time ago drummer Shingo Uchida and bassist Kiyotaka Masudo joined the band. Shimpei and Shingo was friends from high school. In 2008, Shunsuke Yagi (playing on keyboards) joined them. And finally, in 2009, guitarist Yusuke Murata joined.

Their first EP “Yu-En” was released in the end of 2005.  They had some gigs, but line-up was not stabilized and therefore band was needed to take a little break. After Shunsuke Yagi was joined, Rikugo recorded and released their full-length album named “Yoiyami no Zanko” in 2008. And after it band acquired some popularity. They shared gigs with a lot of sufficiently known bands such as Taya (大鴉), medamoil and etc.

In 2009 band released single 緋 (he) and also took part in recording of compilation ‘SAMURAI METAL Vol.5’. In this summer was released another compilation album 真神楽 (shin kagura) where you can hear their three new songs.

Through all of that releases you can see how music of Rikugo was changing, but band’s keeping always their unique sound.