Scissor ShockScissor Shock is the solo project of Adam Cooley (Robe., RUINHORSE, etc.), who often employs the help of a small list of collaborators (most notably Aaron Booe) – Usually described as being an avant-progressive/art rock/electronic/RIO/noise/free jazz/no wave/ambient band formed in Columbus, Indiana in 2003, but opinions differ.

“Scissor Shock has no near equal, much less an equal, and any attempt to try and nail them into a particular genre or sub-genre is a fruitless endeavor.” -Dusty.

Scissor Shock has had up to 30 members at a time before, though the band is mainly just credited to Adam. Scissor Shock has explored many different types of genres and production styles and rarely makes the same music twice. Scissor Shock is constantly progressing.

Through clever advertising, insane live shows, and a forward-thinking approach to making music, Scissor Shock has continued to gain attention and is listed by many artists as being an influence.

Today, Scissor Shock hardly has any elements of the sound they started with in 2003. No two albums are the same. Adam uses a wide, vast, and ridiculous assortment of sounds to make his songs, and sometimes spends weeks just recording one track. The only constant in Scissor Shock’s music, present on nearly every release, from the past to the present, is a strange balance of unhinged lunacy combined with uneasy, delicate ambiance.