Silent Fallmembers:
Adrien Eyraud (Vocals)
Olivier Caron (Lead Guitar)
Guillaume Tertis (Keyboards)
Sylvain Rousselle (Bass Guitar)
Fabio Carnielli (Drums)
Pierre Cabannes (Rhythm Guitar)

Inspired by bands such as; Angra, Sonata Arctica, Mercenary, Raintime or Edguy, the music of Silent Fall (France) is a blend of melodic, death and symphonic metal.

Created in May 2005, by founding members Guillaume Tertis (keyboards), Cyrille Hejl (guitar) and Adrien Eyraud (lead vocals). And in September of that year, Benoist Flaneau (bass guitar) and Paulo Custodio (drums) rounded out the original line-up. This five-piece began to play music under the name of Winterland. In June 2006, a second guitar player was added and Fabrice Anselme joined the band.

Fabrice’s arrival corresponded to the first main Parisian gigs of the group. The evolution of Winterland’s music and fan response inspired the group to begin producing their first EP The Snow Begin To Fall in early 2007. Winterland soon moved onto the concert scene, notably with sixth place at Fallenfest, a Parisian musical contest bringing over 500 bands together. Following the departure of two original members (Cyrille and Benoist), the band was joined by Sylvain Rousselle and Pedro.

Winterland concentrated on creating new pieces of music in preparation for their first album. But, different musical visions came to life within the band and lead unfortunately to the departure of Paulo Custodio and Pedro. Sylvain Rousselle then decided to move to bass while two new musicians — Olivier Caron (guitar) and Fabio Carnielli (drums) settled into the group.

Winterland recorded its first album in May and went back on tour in 2009. Soon after, the band decided to change its name to Silent Fall. This change went hand in hand with the arrival of a new guitar player, Pierre Cabannes, replacing Fabrice Anselme. And in February 2010, Silent Fall the band, released their first studio album Otherwise through Pitch Black Records.