SkambanktSkambankt (English: Beaten up badly) is a hard rock group from Klepp, Rogaland, Norway. Originally, the band’s image and sound was inclined towards politically charged punk rock, but after the band’s revival (2004), they slowly transitioned into hard rock with noticeable influences from punk rock bands from the 70’s and 80’s.

Founded in 1994, the line-up consisted of Ted Winters (Terje Vinterstø) on guitar and vocals, Don Fist (Tollak Friestad) on bass, and Hanz Panzer (Hans Egil Løe) on drums. In this configuration, Skambankt played sporadic shows and recording a few demos. Interest quickly disappeared and the band dissolved in 1996. Some of the songs written during this period, such as “Demoattakk” would be recorded upon the band’s re-formation.

Ten years after its disbandment, the original Skambankt line-up met at a stag party where there was a stage with full backline. Some time after midnight, a decision was made that the band was to be revived. They recorded some basic demos and gained some exposure through Urørt, a Norwegian radio showcase for unsigned talent. Some changes were made to the line-up; Hanz Panzer switched to the guitar and his brother, Tom Skalle (Tom Egil Løe) became the new drummer. They eventually signed a record deal with Dog Job, and recorded their first album, the self-titled Skambankt, which came out in 2004.

In 2005, the band released the EP Skamania, and Bones Wolsman (Børge Henriksen) joined the band, replacing Tom Skalle on drums. In 2007, Skambankt released their second full-length album Eliksir. The first single from the album “Tyster” was b-listed on Norwegian radio, and the album got decent reviews. In fall 2008, Skambankt entered the studio for a third time, this time to record their third album Hardt Regn. The album was released on January 27, and received good reviews as well as a respectable chart placement during the first week of its release. On September 6th 2010, Skambankt released their fourth full length effort entitled Søvnløs.