Sputniks DownSputniks Down is a three-piece instrumental band from Glasgow, Scotland. The band was found in 2001 by Andrew Blue (bass), David Roy (guitar) and Martyn Healy (kearboard).

In the early 2000’s the band made a significant impact in Scottish instrumental music scene. Their style can be described as instrumental electronica, but it would be too simple, so by listeners and journalists their music also was described as “Eno-esque gourgeousness”, “almost triphop” and their song “MM” as “electropopguitary lullaby”.

After a handful of gigs the band signed Edinburgh’s Human Condition record label. The first EP “Monotone Mountain” was released on April 2000.

The first full length album “Much Was Decided Before We Were Born” was released on October 2001 with “Atonement” and “Mie Scattering” featuring Luke Sutherland (Long Fin Killie).

After this release the band went to a short tour. They played in London, Norwich and Glasgow. Also in 2001 they took part in Planet Pop Festival and Burnt Out Electronica Festival.

In 2002 song “MM” became a part of a compilation “Handbags at Down” alongside with Scottish bands of different genres such as El Hombre Trajeado, Fridgehopper, Cruiser and others.

In 2003 the band performed tour in Greece. After that tour Sputniks Down split up.
On April 2010 was announced that the band is back.

To be continued…


Written by Cressy.