te'Kono (Guitar)
Hiro (Guitar)
Matsuda (Bass 2011- )
Tachibana (Drums)
Masa (Bass 2004-2010)

Te’ (テ) has been leading and innovating the Japanese post rock and instrumental music scene since its formation in January 2004, in Tokyo, Japan. This skilled group of musicians has proved their contribution to the genre is significant, with dynamic guitar work, effects-infused bass, and reverberating drums while being inspired by the world around them.

As soon as Te’ began playing live shows, they received much attention and great praise from critics and fans alike for their inspirational performances. Their first demo CD sold out almost instantly. In the wake of this success, founding member Kono, made the rounds of record labels to sell the band’s first album. On finding no labels in Japan that would release post-rock music at the time – Zankyo Records was born.

Despite the lack of promotion, and being a virtually unknown instrumental 4-piece, Te’s first maxi single The act of ceasing after acknowledging one’s own limit is called “intelligence” (Zankyo Records) reached number one on the Disk Union (Japan) charts and critics raved. With this success Tower Records Japan offered to promote the band and a special Te’ listening section was featured in Tower Record stores throughout the country.

In September 2005, Te’ released their highly anticipated 1st album Thus, the echoes free of interpretation speak the abyss of a “sonic” world. The album immediately charted at number ten on the Tower Record Japan charts ahead of many major artists.

As album sales grew, and Te’ embarked on a nation wide tour to promote the CD – Offers from overseas began to roll in. In March 2006, Status Quo Audio (US label) released a re-mastered expanded version of Te’s debut album for American audiences and the band followed up with a USA tour in support of the album.

With four singles and five albums (with some of the longest titles ever recorded) – Te’ continues to lead the way in instrumental sound-scapes. Taking the listener on a journey through music that unleashes a truly vocal instrumentation.