THE APRILS (??????)THE APRILS (??????)
Kentaro Imai – Vocal, Guitar, and more
Miho Iguchi – Vocal, Synthesizer
Yuhki Shotokuji – Drums
Norihisa Nakama – video

The Aprils’ self-described “spacey, happy, catchy, hip, poppy music,” fits neatly into the electro-pop category but I find the term limiting in describing this band’s new wave style. These talented musicians expand on traditional pop hooks and instrumentals with the inclusion of synthesizer and percussion, couple this musical energy with the blending of the female and male vocal’s of Imai and Iguchi to create a truly unique future pop sound.

Originally a college band; The Aprils officially formed in 1999. Based in Tokyo, Japan, the band actively began pursuing live venues and in 2002, the song “Kinboshi Rocket” was used for a television commercial for Giftpia, a game for Nintendo’s Gamecube. The song’s success prompted The Aprils to release their first and last independent single Kinboshi Rocket on June 6, 2003. With a limited release of 1500, the single sold out immediately.

Approached, signed, produced and released by Usagi-Chang Records in almost as much time as it took to sell their first single, The Aprils’ first album Astro hit record stores on June 30, 2003. In June and July of 2004, The Aprils toured the USA. Returning to Japan and the studio, they began work on their much anticipated second album Pan-dahomepage