The BirthdayThe Birthday is a blues infused garage rock band formed in 2006, by Chiba Yusuke and Imai Akinobu. These former bandmates from ROSSO and Midnight Bankrobbers, found their drummer in another former member of Thee Michelle Gun Elephant (TMGE) Kuhara Kazuyuki – While bassist Hirai Haruki of the indie rock band TERURU finished up this veteran ensemble.

Within a month of formation, the band released their first single Stupid in August, through Universal Sigma. Turning around one month later and releasing their second single KIKI The Pixy. And within a month of that release, The Birthday’s first studio album Rollers Romantics hit stores on October 25, 2006, supported by a Japan-wide tour. By the time of their second album, Teardrop (2007), The Birthday was a rock and roll force to be reckoned with.

On September 1st, 2010, it was announced on the rockin’ blues website that lead guitarist Imai Akinobu had retired from the band. No reason was given, but Imai expressed his gratitude to the staff and remaining band members. The Birthday, insisted they would continue replacing their founding member with guitarist Fujī Kenji. This former session guitarist is a founding member of the pop group My Little Lover. Despite loss of a key member, The Birthday released their fifth album I’m Just a Dog on June 15, 2011.

Like their backgrounds, The Birthday’s members bring a polished, professional, and yet different rock musical perspective to the table. The Birthday’s often gritty, garage based blues and in your face rock sound, is made even grittier with former TMGE frontman Chiba’s hard vocal interpretations.