The Bulletmonksmembers:
Tyler Vox (Vocals, Guitars)
Dangerous Dan (Guitars)
Spreace Jackson (Bass Guitar)
M.dogg (Drums, Percussion)

When two brothers of Melbournese descent, G.I. son Spreace Jackson, and a half French drummer get together in a former pickle factory in Nuremburg, Germany to conquer the world of rock n roll, The Bulletmonks is what you get.

If you’re on the lookout for cheap imitations of your standard rock copycats, keep looking, because you won’t find them here. The Bulletmonks have succeeded in wrapping up their numerous influences to turn this musical massacre into a unique masterpiece, second to none! “Doomy” desert flair teams up with kick-ass rock, and a little bit of heavy metal to turn up the volume of this rock ‘n’ roll avalanche that takes no prisoners! No nu-whatever here, nor any of the myriad alternative styles of something that has already been done. This here is a new brand that the boys call Mosh ‘n’ Roll!

After many a live gig and the willingness of Germany’s Metal Hammer magazine to present the band with the “full throttle” award, the Bulletmonks signed to Napalm Records. Since the press has repeatedly compared The Bulletmonks to the likes of Led Zeppelin, Glucifer, or even Motörhead, it goes without saying that this debut release will have something in store for all fans of heavy music. Furthermore, this band’s love of the stage will ensure that they continue to satisfy their fans in a live environment in the years to come.

With their impressive debut album, “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” The Bulletmonks proved that rock music is not a thing of the past. The German formation celebrates down-to-earth music laden with loud guitars. Their energy-loaded brand of mosh ‘n’ roll moves forth, taking no prisoners along the way, but rather leaving behind a wide array of catchy choruses in its wake. The outstanding musicianship reaches the highest of levels and presents the listener with a good dose of grooves, beats, and much melody — the perfect mix of mosh and rock ‘n’ roll.

“Weapons of Mass Destruction” provides the first major steps in the band’s journey to conquer Rock Olympus; a path that undoubtedly will be paved with massive riffs, surefire beats and the bands 2nd studio album due out this year.