The Chronicles of IsrafelDominic Cifarelli (Plays Israfel, Composer, Producer, All Guitars, Bass, Additional Keyboards, String Arrangements, Sound Design & Percussion)
Joey Bastone (Drums)
Americo Antonucci (Vocals)
Vincent Cifarelli (Piano, Keyboards, String Arrangements & Sound Design)

THE CHRONICLES OF ISRAFEL is an unadulterated musical story-telling vision that draws on violent Japanese anime to create a fantastic world of amazing music and often disturbing, brutal and dark imagery.

Formed during an uncertain and difficult time in his career, experimental progressive metal project THE CHRONICLES OF ISRAFEL was originally intended to be PULSE ULTRA guitarist Dominic Cifarelli’s debut solo album. He based the project on a fictional story he wrote, and after the break-up of PULSE ULTRA Dominic began jamming with friend and drummer Joey Bastone. They also watched many, many violent Japanese anime movies, which had some influence on the direction Dominic’s music would take.

Taking a year to write and record, Starborn, Tome I follows Israfel, the main character, in his search for a new home and the self discovery of his superior inner design. It was released in July 2007, through Bridge of Hands Entertainment, an independent arts label dedicated to the development and the distribution of original art not limited to music. It is expected to be the first of three albums to be released, along with older brother/band member Vincent Cifarelli’s debut ambient record Dream Method.

After a hiatus from the project while playing bass for the experimental rock band Scars On Broadway, Dominic Cifarelli is currently in the early stages of writing the next chapter of The Chronicles Of Israfel.

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