Members are:

Shigeyuki Suzuki – vocal, guitar
Daisuke Takeda – guitar
Hirofumi Ueda – bass
Hiroki Sagawa – drums
Hiroki Furutani (Kuroi Mori) – pro-tools, synthesizer

SAKAMOTO – bass (ex-member)
Shibuya – drums (ex-member)

THE CREATOR OF is Japanese band that mixes different genres such as hardcore, alternative rock, post-rock, psychedelic rock, punk and others – Making each melody as inimitable and different from the previous, filling each with great emotion. Their sound is dark and charming.

THE CREATOR OF was formed in 1994, in Tokyo, Japan. The roiginal line up included: Shigeyuki Suzuki (vocal, guitar), Sakamoto (bass) and Umino (drums). They were all friends in a junior high school. But in 1996, Umino left and Shibuya joined. In July 1998, they debuted with their first mini album “Grateful Days.” Their debut was noticed and the magazine ‘ROCKIN’ ON JAPAN’ mentioned them as a new up and coming band. Soon after, they released two mini albums “Standing on the Sky” in September, and “Break Through the Sun” in November. In April 1999, the group released their first single “HEALTH.” Then in June, the band released their first full album “Lost Summer Daze” which included tracks from the single “Health,” and an album version of “??” (gishin).

In February 2000, THE CREATOR OF had one gig with Slipknot in Shibuya Club Quattro Tokyo, who was on their first tour in Japan. In March they recorded split EP with another Japanese band EDGE OF SPIRIT. The EP included two songs “RESET” and “??” (jumyou). In the beginning of 2001, they released their second single “AGAIN,” which included three songs: “2,” “AGAIN” and “d.” In the beginning of 2002, the leader of the band Shigeyuki Suzuki and drummer Shibuya organized a side techno project named Resonance and in April they released the album “Therefore.” The last song “Therefore (four S Version)” on the album was recorded by THE CREATOR OF original members Shige, Sakamoto, Shibuya and their manager Sano.

In October, THE CREATOR OF released their second full album “IN RESERVOIR.” After that, they played gigs mainly in Tokyo. But disagreements started between band’s member and soon they went on hiatus. THE CREATOR OF took a very long break. After that Shige began his techno project Tco. As TCO, they performed at NAGISA, the open-air event held in October 2007. TCO performed in Tokyo and Osaka, promoting their different perspectives in music.

At the same time, drummer Shibuya with vocalist Kyono (ex-The Mad Capsule Market) formed the hardcore unitTHE CHUNK LEGEND, playing mainly in Shibuya. In 2007, THE CREATOR OF released their third full album “Dust to Dust,” but it was already become the solo project of the vocalist and guitarist Shige. At the same time, he started another solo project Erimin5, palying ambient and experimental music.

In 2009, and after a 7 year hiatus the group announced that they would play live band again in 2010 in Tokyo. The performance took place at Earthdom, Shin-Okubo, Tokyo on September 12.
Now THE CREATOR OF is unchallenged leader of the band vocalist and guitarist Shigeyuki Suzuki, with support member Daisuke Takeda (guitar/bass) and Hiroki Furutani, known as Kuroi Mori (pro-tools, remixes).


Thanks to Koji Yamashita for help with some information about the band.