the gimmiesWith original members guitar player Kawabe, bassist Kim, and drummer J.J. joining in 1998 – The Gimmies is a Japanese rock band created by guitarist Sora in 1997. Described by one reviewer; “As a band that wants to beat every song to a pulp with an unmitigated fury.” What The Gimmies’ punk-rock sound may lack in variation is more than made up in ferocious energy. The Gimmies currently have 2 singles, 3 full albums, and inclusion on multiple compilations to their credit.

In 2002, they released their debut album AUTO SHUT OFF….ANY QUESTIONS? on Star Jets Records (Japan). “The screaming guitars tap into the Detroit sounds of The Stooges and the MC5,” gushed a physic reviewer. Little did they know the band’s sophomore release PHONIC SOULS (2005) would be mastered and co-produced by Michael Davis of the MC5, and distributed by both Dionysus (USA) and Big Stomp Records (AUS).

Paul Wheeler, Rock of Japan “THE GIMMIES rock! Hell! It sounds like someone’s playing all three MC5 LPs at once!”

Sometime in 2006, Kawabe and Kim left the group and were replaced with Ryder (ex. Coattail Rider) and Zett (ex. Dig-Lazy). In 2009, this new lineup released the 3rd album ROLL UP in Japan (POP BALL Records) and Australia (Off the Hip Records). The album takes the band into a cleaner recording value, while rocking with raw power.

The Gimmies are primal rock personified – A garage band that kicks ass and doesn’t take names.