The SevenThe Seven is the personal musical vision of composer, producer, engineer, guitarist, bass player, keyboardist, drummer and programmer Kevin A. Smith. Its progressive, open-format and mostly instrumental musical landscape, is a project that recognizes music is inherently spiritual and is a gift from someone much greater.

Kevin use to be the sole member of The Seven, but with the addition of drummer Greg Dampier and bass player Jason Ridenhour, The Seven is officially a three piece from Florence, South Carolina USA. Breaking away from the expected, The Seven’s sound is an exploration of progressive, metal, rock, jazz, classical and anything else they find inspiring.

The Seven released their first album Sphere of Influence in 1996, followed four years later by the album Meaning Of Is… (2000). Both musical experiments (as described by Smith) – In 2007, Kevin found himself gravitating towards music with a strong cinematic element, tunes accompanied by a movie that played inside his head.

“This go around I wanted some degree of continuity, I wanted to present itself (Crux) as a complete ride. One of those albums you put on with headphones and take a journey with a defined group of travelers,” reveals Kevin.

In 2010, The Seven released Crux, the album progressive in nature, draws on all Smith’s experiences and melds them into an inspiring odyssey for the listener. Kevin Smith worked on song ideas for years before coming out with this debut, in which he wrote, arranged, and performed all of the instrumentation (aside from drums on two tracks) on this thirteen song recording.

“The Seven are more interested in making good music, powerful songs supported by good playing and not the other way round. Smith has a true gift for melody, and he… See More’s not afraid to put the melody front and center—these are among the catchiest wordless songs I can imagine. Crux gets under your skin, into your brain, into the singing soul of you. It’s grand and huge and necessary. The Seven are a seemingly bottomless well of glorious song, and if you’re smart you’ll drink deep,” wrote Jamieson Ridenhour about Crux.