von zippersmembers:
Alan Wayne (guitar, vocals)
Doug Boland (bass)
Rob (drums)

Hailing from a place known for a thriving economy equated more to rampant oil production than no-frills record production, Calgary’s Von Zippers brandish a special kind of raw-nerve, white-knuckle delivery that thrives on elements of simplicity and point-of-contact. Some eight years in existence as a band, these guys have been around the block long enough to know it’s gotta be equal parts creativity, honesty, and delivery that achieve the desired result, and any other ingredients can safely be regarded as maggot-fodder with little or no merit whatsoever.

This three (and sometimes four) piece use economy as a major tool in their approach, the less-is-more aesthetic in keeping with their continued struggles in The People’s Fight Against Frivolity, a grass-roots movement of regional “bare-bones” enthusiasts seeking to preserve the disappearing art of simplicity in rock ‘n’ roll today. It is this blood-letting commitment and approach that’s garnered their past successes both as full-length recorded works with Estrus Records (of Bellingham, Washington) as well as countless public appearances at world-class events such as Garage Shock, Las Vegas Shakedown, and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Boat & Trailer Show.

Over the years, the group has sojourned south, north, east and west on ‘search and destroy’ missions most other groups are content to call “tours.” Apart from numerous 7” releases over the years, the band’s full-length legacy includes Wow ‘Em Down At Franzl’s (Augogo-1997), Bad Generation (Estrus-1999), and Blitzhacker (Estrus-2000). The Crime Is Now! (Estrus- July/2003 release date) is their latest (and loudest) effort, a full-throttled dynamo of diversity, guts, and conscience, and should convert more than a few new believers with it’s own uncompromising delivery and sonic appeal.