Tito & TarantulaLatin rockers Tito and Tarantula were…? That one word is one of the greatest errors in music reporting, because Tito & Tarantula – are!

I assure you the band is alive and well and touring extensively in Europe and the Balkan states churning out unforgettable shows. The “fabulous four” are Tito Larriva, from Austin, TX, Steven Medina Hufsteter, Los Angeles, CA, Caroline ‘laloca’ Rippy, San Antonio, TX and Alfredo Ortiz, from Los Angeles, CA.

Tito Larriva has a long history in music and film that goes back to the Los Angeles punk days. His seminal band, The Plugz scored the film Repo Man directed by Alex Cox.

The Plugz became The Cruzados, who produced two top ten hits for Arista Records. Morphing into Tito & Tarantula which eventually lead to a collaboration with Robert Rodriguez which produced their critically acclaimed record, Tarantism. Their musical contributions and performances include the films Roadhouse, Desperado, From Dusk till Dawn, Once Upon A time In Mexico, and Planet Terror.

Tito & Tarantula’s lastest album Back Into the Darkness was recorded in the summer of 2007, in a mill dating back to the 1500s in the village of Bad IBurg, Germany. The album is a great collage of Larriva & Hufsteter’s past musical collaborations and punk rock roots with the more commonly known hard-hitting T&T sound we have grown to love.